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What is Employee Engagement 
and Why Should I Care?


Discover the Secrets Great Multifamily Companies use to Drive Engagement.
Patrick Antrim | Founder, CEO Multifamily Leadership | Producer of the Multifamily Leadership Summit and Best Places to Work Multifamily™ | Host of The Multifamily Leadership Podcast™


This Webinar is for Multifamily Industry Professionals that Lead Teams:

  • President/CEO
  • Vice President
  • Regional Manager/Director
  • Property Manager
  • Maintenance Director/Supervisor
  • Asset Manager/Investor
  • Industry Partners

Goals & Objectives of the Masterclass:

  • Defining Employee Engagement and how it affects your NOI.
  • We share the top drivers of engagement from the Best Places to Work Multifamily™
  • Secrets from the Best Places to Work Multifamily™ Program. What they’re doing right. What you can do right now! 
  • Differentiate yourself and your company from the competition.
  • Create a great resident experience. 
  • Increase the quality of job candidates.
  • Reduce voluntary turnover within your organization.
  • Increase rents, shareholder returns, and higher profit margins.
  • What engagement looks like from the employee’s perspective.
  • Simple tips to improve your own employee engagement.
  • Improvement Plan - Where to begin?
  • Reasons companies don't survey employees
Thursday The 15th
11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST

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