Multifamily Women® Summit
DATE: September 4-5, 2024
LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona - In Person Event

Attendees include Multifamily professionals who want to strengthen their network, expertise, and influence. Those who want to understand the role women play not only as executives, associates, and team members, but also as residents and customers. From CEOs to emerging leaders, the content over the 2-day event appeals to everyone. You will leave with a renewed spirit as well as tangible takeaways for your personal and professional life.

Multifamily Innovation® & AI Summit
DATE: December 4-5, 2024
LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona - In Person Event

At the Summit, you will gain access to the perspectives from top Multifamily Executives so you can avoid pitfalls and gain new perspectives for your business. You will have access to people and companies that are implementing new products, working through pilot programs, and designing their business with people that are thinking deeply about making their Multifamily business better.

The Multifamily Innovation® & AI Summit is for Multifamily Business leaders who want to unlock value of AI inside their organization so they can create better experiences and drive profitability inside their company.

Event attendees are high-level achievers who are committed to making their business better, redefining the future of multifamily, and in pursuit of personal and professional success to make a positive impact on their investors, employees, customers, and communities.