For: Multifamily Owners, Operators, and Vendors

Integrations have become a major concern for multifamily owners, operators, and the technology vendors providing services to them. How are these integrations working for your company?

For: Multifamily Owners and Operators

About 69% of single family homes use smart home tech in 2022. Far fewer apartments use it, but the number is growing quickly. Where are you in your smart home journey?

For: Multifamily Vendors

Marketing software should work for you. It shouldn't distract you or pull you in too many different directions. It shouldn't be confusing or difficult to use. How are you using marketing software in your business?

For: Multifamily Owners and Operators

A few months ago, the FCC released a ruling making major changes to exclusive agreements with telecom companies. We're doing research to help gauge how ready the industry is to make the most out of these changes.

For: Multifamily Owners and Operators

The face of multifamily leasing has changed over the last several years. We've seen the addition of contactless leasing, chatbots, centralized leasing and more. What do you see as the future of leasing?