Antrim has been selected as multifamily industry analyst to attend CES® 2023. He will receive access to Media Days which is an exclusive, media-only event that takes place in Las Vegas before CES opens to the tech industry.

January 2, 2023 – Scottsdale, AZ — Patrick Antrim, Founder and CEO of Multifamily Leadership and Chairman of the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council, has been selected to attend CES 2023 as an industry analyst. Antrim will explore opportunities for the future of the multifamily industry at the exclusive CES Media Days event, which takes place on January 3rd and 4th in Las Vegas.

While at CES, Antrim will focus his attention on turning industry blind spots into breakthrough innovations through collaboration. He plans to meet with forward-thinking innovators to discuss the use of open integrations to advance technology adoption in the multifamily industry. Additionally, Antrim will work to attract investment capital to the industry in order to advance innovation through collaboration.

Media Days, which is open exclusively to CES media, gives access to press conferences and a preview of the products launching at CES® 2023. The event will feature top exhibitors in addition to showcasing new products and technologies. According to CES, “Kicking off major tech announcements, Media Days gives registered media access to news-breaking press conferences and CES Unveiled Las Vegas, a first-hand preview of the products launching at CES 2023.”

The multifamily industry plays a significant role in the US economy, with apartments and their residents contributing $3.4 trillion annually and supporting 17.5 million jobs. With growing demand for apartments, the industry must continue to innovate and find new development approaches to meet this demand. 

Antrim will bring the information and insights he gains at CES back to the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council, a private, invitation-only group that meets weekly to discuss real-world experiences with using technology in multifamily communities. Council members are free from vendor influences and sales pitches, allowing them to openly think through challenges and find solutions for their operations. The council also meets in person annually at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit.

Membership to the Multifamily Innovation® Council is by application only and is open to those who own or work for firms that own or manage a minimum of 1,500 apartment units. 

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