AppWork Moves in to Renovate Multifamily Maintenance

AppWork Moves in to Renovate Multifamily Maintenance

AppWork Moves in to Renovate Multifamily Maintenance

AppRent has become AppWork

RAMSEY, N.J., May 17, 2022 – AppRent has become AppWork! The new name better reflects its mission: To redefine multifamily maintenance with a focus on user- friendliness, advanced reporting, and comprehensive analytics. Along with a new name, AppWork also has a new logo.

Yael Posner, Head of Product Design, comments that “Our new logo really captures the essence of our company. We are forward-thinking and innovative. We help multifamily properties grow by helping them manage their maintenance in a smarter, more efficient way. A big part of that is with our analytics and reports.”

AppWork is about getting work done efficiently, saving money, and keeping residents happy. It streamlines maintenance operations with a platform that works the way property managers already work while enhancing operations simultaneously. Seasoned property managers created AppWork. They built and will continue to build features based on real-world experiences and knowledge.

AppWork is all about the service technicians (aka workers). It’s the only maintenance management software offering a technician dashboard. This dashboard includes a leaderboard to showcase your top technicians, a breakdown of each technician’s skill set, and advanced reporting on technician performance, both as individuals and as a group.

The app also integrates advanced machine learning to build cutting-edge artificial intelligence. AppWork uses AI to categorize and auto-assign work orders to technicians. Furthermore, it offers location tracking for maintenance techs and an on-call calendar. Both of these features enable a single maintenance team to service multiple properties.

AppWork is customizable and works within existing workflows. If a property manager doesn’t need auto assign or doesn’t want to track the locations of their techs, they can turn these features off easily. Managers can personalize AppWork’s digital make-ready board by hiding and showing columns with the click of a mouse.

AppWork’s primary goal is to bring the future of decision-making to today’s community managers. Its unique analytics and daily reports let managers deep dive into their numbers, enabling data-driven decisions. Managers can stop guessing and start knowing.

Maybe they want to know which service technician gets the most done. Or they want to see how long unit turnovers are taking. They might be curious about which type of fixes are taking the most time. AppWork makes it easy to filter, sort, and export data. Property managers can get the information they need, for the period they want, and share it effortlessly.

Adding AppWork to the toolbox of managers, technicians, and residents will enable them to take their communities to the next level.

Source: AppWork