Belmont Village Aventura Breaks Ground: Setting New Standards in Luxury Senior Living

Belmont Village Senior Living has just placed a significant marker on the future of senior living with the groundbreaking ceremony of Belmont Village Aventura. In collaboration with Turnberry, Belmont Village is ushering in a new era of elegance for seniors in South Florida. Projected to open its doors in early 2026, this partnership is set to provide seniors with an unparalleled living experience combining luxury with the utmost standards of care.

Located at the dignified address of 3510 Yacht Club Way, Belmont Village Aventura is Belmont’s third foray in the South Florida region, indicative of their continued commitment to enriching the lives of older adults. The nearly 180,000-square foot complex, with its modern contemporary architecture, is a monument to attention to detail and aspiration. With an array of high-end amenities and finishes, including luxury wall coverings, decorative flooring inlays, and sophisticated art installations, the 11-story community will offer Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care.

A testament to the superb placement and services that the community will offer is echoed by Patricia Will, CEO and Founder of Belmont Village Senior Living:
“Belmont Village Aventura marks a pivotal moment in our mission to redefine senior living, providing an ideal location surrounded by world-class amenities,” said Will. “Our vision is deeply rooted in our commitment to enhancing the well-being of older adults. We are eagerly anticipating the positive impact it will have on the greater Aventura community.”

Furthermore, this elegant community will host 153 apartments featuring luxury finishes such as stone counters, stainless steel appliances, and expansive walk-in closets, with certain units offering private balconies that grant majestic views of South Florida’s waters.

Partnering with Belmont Village reflects Turnberry’s deep-seated values of excellence and detail-oriented placemaking. “Our philosophy of placemaking with principles means every project is undertaken with incredible attention to detail and an expectation of excellence,” shared Jackie Soffer, Chairman and CEO of Turnberry. “The location of Belmont Village Aventura means residents and their families can enjoy the best of what South Florida has on offer, setting a new standard of luxury senior living.”

Residents of Belmont Village Aventura will be treated to a fine-dining restaurant, rooftop bar, personal temperature-controlled wine storage, and a myriad of luxury comforts. With Corwil Architects and Moss Construction Management ensuring a standard of excellence in construction, Belmont Village is on the path to redefine the landscape of senior living, marrying the affluence of Turnberry’s mixed-use expertise with the compassionate vision Belmont Village stands for.