Cleveland Unveils The Davis Apartments and UH Community Wellness Center: A Landmark Initiative for Holistic Health and Affordable Housing

In a vibrant display of community partnership and cross-sector collaboration, Cleveland city officials recently gathered together with The NRP Group, a distinguished developer, builder, and manager of multifamily housing, as well as University Hospitals (UH) to ceremoniously cut the ribbon on The Davis Apartments and UH Community Wellness Center in Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood.

In a bid to address critical social determinants of health, The NRP Group, propelled its third “Health and Housing” quality living scheme to life. Following the success of Residences at Career Gateway and Via Sana, The Davis Apartments aims to target and ameliorate systemic and often negative forces like historic neighborhood disinvestment. The City of Cleveland has persistently collaborated hand-in-hand with the NRP Group on these essential housing projects.

Understanding that housing plays an instrumental role in the holistic health of its citizens, UH, with its legacy spanning over 155 years, keenly partnered with The NRP Group on this initiative. “The Davis enables our hospital staff to reach beyond our four walls to address SDOH in a historically disinvested neighborhood,” quipped Dr. Daniel Simon, President, Academic & External Affairs and Chief Scientific Officer at University Hospitals.

The UH Community Wellness Center aims to diffuse preventive health care awareness onto the residents of Glenville and deliver solutions addressing social determinants of health. From wholesome cooking demonstrations, support for pregnant women and young mothers, decrementing senior citizen isolation, to initiatives for workforce and financial literacy, the Community Wellness Center curates a healthy environment.

Adding charm to its location, The Davis nestles at East 105th Street and Churchill Road in Cleveland where the former Harry E. Davis Elementary School stood. The serene community is comprised of 52-unit affordable housing apartments, containing one, two, and three-bedroom and four three-bedroom townhomes. Amenities in this comprehensive housing facility include a fitness center, communal room, laundry facilities, a business center, and a pet-friendly environment.

Proximity to University Circle, home to several prestigious institutions, shops, and a variety of employment opportunities, bolsters the positioning of The Davis, making it accessible and beneficial for individuals of diverse income brackets.

“Funding for the project, provided by Ohio Finance Housing Agency (OHFA), RiverHills Bank, and PNC Bank, culminates in a financially backed endeavor that bridges the glaring gap between holistic health and affordable housing,” says J. David Heller, President, and CEO of The NRP Group.

Poignantly named after a distinguished Cleveland native, Harry E. Davis, The Davis stands as a symbol of affordable quality living derived from ceaseless collaboration, wise investing, and putting community healthcare at the forefront. it’s exemplification of a thriving symbiosis between community-oriented health programs and affordable housing is confounding.