Employee engagement is a hot topic in the Multifamily Industry today as top management companies are looking for ways to increase productivity and decrease employee turnover. One key driver of employee engagement that is often overlooked is community service. Pinnacle, one of the nation’s leading management firms, has announced that they are devoting the entire first week of October to helping improve the local communities their properties serve.

Together with the United Way, Pinnacle employees will be assisting local food banks, working on restoring local schools and parks, and providing support to local social service agencies. “Pinnacle is built on a caring culture and we are providing our employees with an opportunity to assist a non-profit of their choosing during the work week,” explains Chief Operating Officer Larry Goodman. “Everyone has busy lives and it is sometimes difficult to find the time to serve a particular community need. This gives every team member the chance to participate.”

Providing opportunities to your employees to participate in community service projects is not only beneficial for the local communities you serve, but also for your employees to gain a sense of pride and loyalty to the firm, thus improving your employer brand. Employees who are proud to work for a particular organization will be vocal to their personal and professional networks through the various forms of social media, which will in turn attract higher quality candidates to the firm.

Additionally, many times people are hungry to get involved with their communities, but face obstacles such as lack of time, resources, and/or knowledge of how to get find a reputable project. By providing a solution to those perceived obstacles, employers can foster a sense of community within their own organization by having employees work together on these crucial service projects and give them a sense of fulfillment both personally and professionally.