A large amount of property phone calls being tracked are not true leads. Multifamily Executives can learn about a new BI tool to audit marketing effectiveness.

A large amount of property phone calls being tracked are not true leads. Multifamily Executives can learn about a new BI tool to audit marketing effectiveness.

In this interview, Patrick Antrim, CEO of Multifamily Leadership sits down in the Multifamily Leadership studio with Mike Mueller.

Mike is the CEO of LeaseHawk and is no stranger to results or technology innovation. More than 20 years ago he envisioned leveraging the telephone by calling 258-RENT to access apartment information.

The idea quickly morphed into AllApartments.com one of the industry’s first Apartment Listing Services (ILS) which is now under Move.com, a subsidiary of News Corp., a public company. That led to the creation of VaultWare, the industry’s first online apartment reservation system, which was acquired by MRI.

All of these ground-breaking innovations helped move the industry forward to where it is today.

The original vision came full circle in 2012 when Mueller acquired a telephony platform from CallSource with the idea of creating a better customer experience by offering the cutting edge solutions found in other industries.

The LeaseHawk communications platform, which launched in May of 2015, is truly a game changer by melding telephony and customer relationship management into a mobile application. What makes it innovative is it’s fine tuned specifically for the apartment industry to measure, refine and improve the effectiveness of your marketing and your people.

Once again, Mueller’s vision combined with his seasoned management team will change the way you think about your business!

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Show Notes:

  • Mike shares where he sees the industry today in the state of technology.
  • The leasing process and how people adapt to technology.
  • Change can be uncomfortable and the people driving the leasing process
  • Looking at change in other industries and how those changes will become reality in Multifamily
  • The shared economy and the next generation of renters
  • The mobile device and the trends on consumer behavior for the mobile strategy
  • What inspires Mike do innovate and his passion to utilize technology to solve industry problems
  • Backstory of ACE

The way renters want to communicate.

  • Capture prospect leads and answer quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • A conversational assistant is introduced – ACE “Answers Calls Everytime”
  • Consumers want consistency and experience with “Tap to Talk”

The 10 things renters call about

  • Leasing apartments compared to banking, airlines, hotel industries
  • First mover and the timing of the market
  • Key to understand on how to create an experience
  • Live call to Leasehawk’s ACE conversational voice assistant
  • ACE tells a joke!!!
  • Launching a product in Multifamily is about getting the adoption as change is resisted
  • Early adopters are the tough clients to find.
  • Mike shares his team success, how they are solving client pain points, and the real customer “the renter”
  • The Multifamily industry should invite trial and error
  • People are more patient on the phone after hours.
  • Brands that invest marketing efforts and offer compelling messages will need to do less convincing at the point of sale which leads to efficient conversion.
  • The Apple consistency of experience. Why are the renters any different?
  • How larger brands help people adapt to new technology. And like any product they evolve overtime.

Mike’s early beginning with RentFax and the evolution of how he cataloged rental listings across the web. How he got the band back together to build an online reservation system for Multifamily called “Check Availability” which is now “Tap to Call”

  • Mike sells Vaultware and uses the voice interface to help Multifamily companies improve the leasing experience with a conversational assistant.
  • The timing has been good but Mike made a lot of assumptions
  • The Multifamily Industry should reduce friction of renters doing business with companies.
  • Timing is everything and finding the right people is important
  • Technology looking for solutions and how platforms opened up opportunities

What Mike looks for when building a team

  • Mike’s early inspiring moments of vision and collapsing the gap of the current realities
  • How Mike overcomes resistance to new innovative technology
  • The disadvantage of Multifamily Success and it’s impact on innovation
  • How you manage the relationship with the resident and the lifecycle, resident journey
  • Artificial Intelligence, machine learning to score conversations with the ability to predict demand side of the business elevating the priority of leads
  • Combining everything people say and do with information that is available online
  • How Mike thought about things when he was growing up
  • Mindset and where to get inspiration for leading in the future.
  • The possibility that leasing agents could be a thing of the past
  • The experience for owning and leasing apartments will change

Autonomous driving cars and how it impacts the Multifamily Industry

  • How we could potentially revalue multifamily apartments in the future with the repurpose of parking areas
  • How Mike gets inspired outside the industry.
  • Amazon, the purchase of Whole Foods and how it will impact the grocery industry

A business needs to reduce the friction for doing business. Faster and easier with the least amount of clicks to get to what you want.

  • Timing is everything. Sometimes it takes a leader like Amazon to change the way we think about things like grocery delivery
  • We need more big thinkers in Multifamily to envision what the leasing experience could be
  • HawkEye is a Business Intelligence tool that is the last piece of the communication platform

A BI tool or Business Intelligence tool should allow you to easily get to the information that is actionable.

  • A large amount of property phone calls being tracked are not true leads.
  • How Multifamily Asset Managers, Investors and Owners can use the BI tool to get to the right information fast
  • The HawkEye product demo video
  • How to foster innovation in the Multifamily Apartment Industry

The consolidation of brands in the Multifamily Apartment Industry

  • The data the entrepreneur needs to create a new service is behind the property management system walls. Owners need to think about the impact on innovation
  • The Salesforce software company and Apple comparison of a platform model that has inspired significant innovation
  • The Autonomous vehicle vision and other possibilities to rethink the value of Multifamily properties
  • The trust factor and how that impacts adoption of innovation

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