Jim Rostel Joins Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council, Fostering Innovations in Multifamily Property Management

Scottsdale, AZ – Multifamily Leadership proudly welcomes Jim Rostel, Chief Operating Officer of Anchor NW Property Group, to the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council. The Council, made up of industry experts and leaders, is a space for sharing valuable insights and helping shape the future of the multifamily industry.

At Anchor NW Property Group, Rostel oversees 32 multifamily properties, totaling approximately 2100 units, all managed centrally from a singular headquarters without on-site management or maintenance. 

This groundbreaking operational framework, centralized and devoid of on-site management, presents a pioneering model currently underserved by existing software solutions. Rostel’s unique insights stemming from this innovative setup promise invaluable perspectives for the Council’s discussions.

Patrick Antrim, Chairman of the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council, remarked, “Jim’s steadfast commitment towards fostering innovation and leveraging technology in multifamily property management mirrors our mission at the Council. His expertise will undeniably play a significant role in steering the future trajectory of the industry. We are excited to integrate his unique perspectives into our Council.”

Renowned for his steadfast dedication to team development, Jim fosters a supportive environment that empowers professionals to surpass their goals, aligning seamlessly with the Council’s collaborative ethos.

Expressing his enthusiasm for membership, Rostel notes, “I’ve found significant value in being part of the Multifamily Innovation Council.  The Council provides an opportunity to network with industry leaders in an interactive and open forum.  The collaborative nature provides a fertile ground for the incubation of ideas and solutions that will guide the industry as we move forward.”

In his capacity as COO, Rostel guides the Anchor NW Property Group team across all operational functions, focusing on vision, operations, and comprehensive training for the company. He approaches his role with a sales-driven mindset, actively seeking advanced technology solutions that complement his team management approach.

Council members benefit from exclusive access to weekly meetings, a private community, and an annual in-person summit. These platforms offer unparalleled opportunities to exchange insights and learn from diverse and successful multifamily owners and operators. Membership remains open to those overseeing or managing multifamily apartments with 1,500+ units.

Beyond technology, the Council’s mission encompasses process enhancement, leadership development, and fostering innovation, extending an open invitation for prospective members to collaborate in propelling innovation within the multifamily sector.

About the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council:

The Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council stands as a collective of innovators committed to reshaping the multifamily industry. Representing, inspiring, and supporting industry leaders, the council fosters a platform for innovation, collaboration, and multifamily industry advancement. For more information, visit: Multifamily Innovation Advisory Council.

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