Knightvest Capital Acquires Dorian Apartments in Legacy Area, Fortifying Growth and Design Excellence in Multifamily Industry

Knightvest Capital, a prominent multifamily investment company with a robust vertical integration model, has recently expanded its impressive portfolio with the acquisition of the Dorian Apartments, previously known as the Tribeca Apartments. This acquisition underscores the company’s commitment to growth and excellence in the multifamily apartment industry.

The Dorian Apartments, nestled in the desirable Legacy area of DFW, comprise 398 units and blend effortlessly into the bustling blend of Plano, Frisco, McKinney, and Allen. With these cities experiencing remarkable population growth upwards of 50% in recent years, Knightvest’s strategic move positions them at the heart of one of the most dynamic regions in the country.

This particular community, developed in 2008, spans across nine buildings, featuring a combination of three and four-story structures, with an average unit size of 910 square feet. This acquisition reflects Knightvest Capital’s astute focus on institutional-quality assets and their transformation into sophisticated design-centric living spaces that present a high-quality alternative to new construction in the area.

Knightvest Founder and CEO, David Moore, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, “With its strategic location, the Dorian Apartments fit seamlessly into our vision of acquiring institutional quality assets and transforming them into design-driven residential communities. Our team is excited by this latest acquisition as we work to provide a high-quality alternative to new construction in this sought-after market.”

The timing of this acquisition, which closed in December 2023, is particularly auspicious as the Legacy area’s growth is bolstered by over 14.8 million square feet of Class A office space development, cementing its reputation as a vibrant live-work-play ecosystem.

Knightvest Capital plans to elevate the Dorian community further by implementing significant renovations to unit interiors and property amenities, which will include upgrades to the fitness center, pool area, and clubhouse.

Summing up the strategic endeavor, Moore stated, “Our acquisition of the Dorian Apartments is another great example of how we’re executing our value-add strategy to deliver dependable results to investors, residents, and employees.”

Knightvest’s acquisition is not merely a financial investment but a testament to their vision for building community-centric spaces that resonate with growth, innovation, and a strong sense of belonging. As multifamily industry leaders, Knightvest Capital’s latest move illustrates their unwavering dedication to fostering communities where design, quality, and strategic value coalesce to redefine modern living standards.