Middleburg Communities Unveils Hamlet Falling Creek, Elevating Build-to-Rent Standards in Richmond

Middleburg Communities, notable for their expertise in building vibrant, high-quality residential environments, has yet again made headlines with their latest project: Hamlet Falling Creek. This ambitious 260-unit build-to-rent community is set to rise in Midlothian, Virginia and represents a significant stride in addressing the burgeoning demand for versatile housing options in the Richmond area.

The essence of build-to-rent communities embodies convenience and quality of life, offering residents the benefits of homeownership without the associated responsibilities. Middleburg Communities has embraced this concept with Hamlet Falling Creek, aspiring to elevate the standards for such developments in the region. The community’s blend of single-family style cottages, duplexes, and townhomes caters to a diverse demographic—from families to empty nesters—indicating Middleburg’s understanding of modern housing needs.

Robin Bettarel, Managing Director of Development for Middleburg’s Mid-Atlantic Region, encapsulated the company’s vision, stating, “We are excited to develop Hamlet Falling Creek, which, together with Hamlet Watkins Centre, will set the standard for what build-to-rent living in Richmond is all about. This type of community is highly appealing to all types of lifestyles – families, individuals, empty nesters – as it provides the opportunity to reside in a high-quality, meticulously maintained neighborhood without the burden of property upkeep or maintenance.”

This commitment to quality doesn’t compromise on location or amenities. Hamlet Falling Creek is situated within a master-planned area that includes retail and preserved wetlands, highlighting Middleburg’s focus on sustainability and community integration. Its strategic placement within the Chesterfield County school district and within the thriving Genito Road/288 Corridor amplifies its appeal, offering future residents easy access to urban conveniences and employment hubs.

The company’s foresight in choosing Richmond, backed by the region’s robust economic indicators and lifestyle allure, points towards a keen understanding of impactful investing, as Selim Tay-Agbozo, President of Middleburg Development, elaborates on Richmond’s vibrant growth and the existing housing shortage. “The Richmond MSA possesses many of the fundamentals that drive our investment decisions… the availability of single-family homes available for purchase or rent in the area is at historic lows, and we look forward to helping fill that gap with the development of these two communities.”

With the promise of first-class amenities including Energy Star appliances, co-working spaces, and extensive green areas, Hamlet Falling Creek exemplifies the future of renting—a future where the line between renting and owning not only blurs but does so with enhanced flexibility and opulence. As Middleburg Communities propels this innovative trend forward, they underscore a pivotal transformation in the multifamily industry, one where renters no longer have to choose between the conveniences of apartment living and the personal touch of a home.

Middleburg is setting a brisk and strategic pace in the sector, with Hamlet Falling Creek set to welcome residents by late 2025 and a number of other build-to-rent communities under construction across the Southeast. This venture into diversified, high-quality rental options reaffirms Middleburg’s position at the forefront of industry innovation and community building—principles that resonate deeply with Multifamily Leadership’s ethos.