Nashville Yards’ High-Rise Gems: The Everett and Emory Define Luxury Urban Living

Nashville is on the precipice of welcoming an exceptional new living experience with the advent of The Everett and The Emory, two multifamily residential towers currently climbing the skyline in downtown’s Nashville Yards. Developed by Southwest Value Partners and StreetLights Residential, these high-rise towers encapsulate the concept of luxury urban living. With an anticipated leasing launch this summer and a grand opening slated for November 2024, the structures represent more than just a place to live—they signify a vibrant lifestyle choice.

“The Everett and The Emory are at the center of Nashville’s finest amenities – a safe, healthy, walkable, 19-acre master planned community with abundant green and open space, and steps away from world-class dining, retail, health, and entertainment offerings,” stated Cary Mack, Managing Partner of Southwest Value Partners. His vision is evident as the towers not only promise proximity to top-tier employers such as Amazon and Pinnacle but also stitch the fabric of the community with their architectural presence.

Our skyline’s two new jewels will redefine the notion of ‘home’ with over 650 residences that blend high-end features with breathtaking views and thoughtful amenities. Imagine starting the day in a spa-grade bathroom, selecting an outfit from a customizable closet, and ending the evening with a glass of wine chilled to perfection from your wine refrigerator—all to the backdrop of Nashville’s vibrant city lights. Not to mention private parking, which in any urban setting is akin to gold.

Yet, The Everett and The Emory aim to be more than mere edifices of opulence with their 33rd and 34th-floor Sky Lounges, dog parks, and a shared amenity deck complete with a pool and golf simulator. In the words of StreetLights Senior Vice President of Development Rob Bratton, “We believe residents will be attracted to the thoughtful sense of place as well as the exceptional residential experience we have crafted together.” Such sentiment illustrates a dedication to not only building structures but fostering communities.

As the towers rise, so does the neighborhood. Future residents will be a step away from the Pinnacle’s premier music theater, luxury cinemas, and a plethora of dining and wellness offerings. With all these facilities integrated into a master-planned enviornment, Nashville Yards is not just developing real estate; it’s curating experiences. This visionary approach offers a preview of multifamily living that doesn’t just meet needs but anticipates desires.

This blend of strategic location, luxury living, and community integration underpins the enduring appeal of multifamily housing. It’s these factors that continue to draw discerning residents seeking residences that offer more than just shelter but a comprehensive lifestyle solution. As multifamily leaders, it’s our privilege to highlight such monumental projects that shape urban living’s future and serve as a benchmark for innovation and design excellence within our thriving industry.