PruittHealth Expands Legacy with Strategic Acquisition of Brighton Gardens of Buckhead

PruittHealth, a name synonymous with comprehensive and compassionate care for over half a century, has recently marked another milestone in its journey of growth and service. This esteemed family-owned organization has announced the strategic acquisition of Brighton Gardens of Buckhead, elevating the senior living landscape in Georgia. This move not only recognizes PruittHealth’s dedication to expansion but also underscores their commitment to fostering vibrant senior communities within their home state.

With the renaming to PruittPlace-Buckhead, PruittHealth is set to enrich the already prime Lenox Road location with future innovations and thoughtful renovations. This underlines the entity’s intention to weave the tapestry of an active and fulfilling senior lifestyle, one that is reflective of the local Atlanta ethos.

Championing a vision of active senior living, PruittPlace-Buckhead emerges not just as a home but as a sanctuary offering 112 residents an array of lifestyle choices. From fine dining experiences and personal housekeeping services to pet-friendly environments, this acquisition is a testament to PruittHealth’s promise of crafting accommodating spaces that resonate with the dynamism and preferences of its residents.

“It is our belief that by expanding in our home state of Georgia, we can continue fostering communities that are synonymous with excellent service and vibrant living,” expressed Neil L. Pruitt, Jr., chairman and CEO of PruittHealth. “Our vision for PruittPlace-Buckhead is to see it become a beacon of exceptional caregiving and a nucleus for robust living.”

Recognizing that different life phases require varied care approaches, PruittPlace-Buckhead is diversely equipped to offer short-term rehabilitative care and dedicated memory care, ensuring residents receive the custom care and peace of mind that PruittHealth is renowned for.

The phrase “At PruittHealth, family is the centerpiece of everything we do” captures the essence of the organization’s mission. This sentiment trails the path for PruittPlace-Buckhead as it embarks on its pledge to build heartfelt connections with staff, residents, and families, shaping not just a community, but a family.

PruittHealth now extends its legacy with 108 senior communities and health care centers across five states, embodying a vision of growth anchored in heritage, care, and the spirit of community. The acquisition of PruittPlace-Buckhead stands as a representation of PruittHealth’s unwavering dedication to quality senior living and forward-looking leadership in the multifamily apartment industry.