Quarterra Multifamily Unveils Kindred Apartment Homes in Denver’s Golden Triangle

Quarterra Multifamily, a branch of the esteemed Lennar Corporation renowned for integrating apartment building, development, and property management, has achieved a new milestone. They have begun leasing at Kindred Apartment Homes in Denver’s historic Golden Triangle. With the launch of Kindred – a 224-unit high-rise residential community – Quarterra proudly introduces its second multifamily community into Denver’s urban tapestry.

Nestled within the Golden Triangle, Kindred is designed to harmonize with the neighborhood’s artistic soul. The area is a mosaic of Denver’s top cultural institutions such as museums, art galleries, and civic structures. Celebrating this, Kindred is tailored to echo the local creative essence, seamlessly blending with the area’s casual cafés, upscale eateries, and vintage boutiques that punctuate the civic center. Adding to its status, Kindred offers 3,800 square feet of its own retail space, enhancing the resident experience.

“Kindred puts residents within walking distance of all the top cultural sites in Denver. The Golden Triangle is 45 square blocks of art, education, destination dining and unique bespoke shops,” shared Chris Gillies, City President of Quarterra. He further elaborated, “Kindred establishes itself within the neighborhood due to its uncompromising design and living experience. Residents find themselves not only in an enviable location within the city, but surrounded by a modern and thoughtfully designed building that emphasizes comfort and convenience. We’re enlivened to deliver this exceptional lifestyle-focused opportunity and continue our leading role in energizing one of Denver’s most remarkable neighborhoods.”

It’s this strategic positioning that lends Kindred its unique allure, offering residents not merely a place to live but a culturally enriching experience. The close proximity to the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Colorado Convention Center, Denver Art Museum, and other landmarks underscores Quarterra’s commitment to fostering a community that immerses itself in the locality’s prosperity.

The revitalization efforts of Quarterra are not limited to residential spaces; they are a grand vision to reclaim the Golden Triangle’s historic stature as an intrinsic part of Denver’s urban identity. It’s clear that Quarterra is transforming the narrative from an area that served as overflow parking to a vibrant, re-energized community hub.

Kindred’s allure is further magnified by unprecedented access to Denver’s transportation network, simplifying connectivity throughout the city and beyond. The living spaces are modern, equipped with amenities that enhance quality of life—a testimony to Quarterra’s deep understanding of the multifaceted needs of urban residents.

Community spaces at Kindred resonate with the environment-conscious values of Denver. Residents have access to a plethora of top-tier amenities, including a spa, outdoor gaming areas, a 24-hour fitness center, and a pet porch with dog run. These, combined with energy-efficient additions like solar panels and a green roof, illustrate Quarterra’s conviction in creating a sustainable and inviting home environment.

The growth trajectory of Quarterra in the Denver Metro solidifies with Kindred joining an impressive portfolio of communities. It’s this relentless pursuit of exceptional living spaces that cements Quarterra’s reputation as a leading figure in urban development. As they continue to reimagine and enhance city landscapes, Quarterra remains a beacon in the industry—a testament to innovative, forward-thinking multifamily leadership.