Refuel EV Solutions Expands Its Offerings With Xeal and SWTCH Products

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 7, 2022 — Refuel EV Solutions (REVS), a leading partner in the multifamily industry for providing and maintaining electric vehicle charging stations, has added Xeal and SWTCH Energy to their lineup to equip multifamily properties with EV charging stations.

Refuel EV Solutions

“Both have been selected because of their products and how they work for multifamily properties,” said David Aaronson, the founder of REVS. “Every manufacturer and software provider offers different options for EV charging. We’ve come across these two companies that both offer unique solutions to the multifamily industry.”

Xeal has integrated similar technology to what is in Apple Pay, which enables easy payment with a cell phone. Using this technology, charging with Xeal is reliable without the need for a stable internet connection to monitor usage and payment. “This is particularly useful for places like a concrete garage, where there may be limited, or no, Wi-Fi or cell phone coverage,” said Aaronson.

SWTCH was selected by REVS for having very adaptive software that works with many different charging stations. “One of the unique features about their software is you can actually schedule appointments,” stated Aaronson. This allows for more consistent usage of chargers on a property, since residents will be able to guarantee a time to charge.

REVS will continue to offer high quality Blink and Plugzio products. “We believe we offer the best EV products and services for multifamily properties and are excited to add these two companies to our suite of EV charging products and services,” said Aaronson.

Both Xeal and SWTCH products are currently available with Refuel EV Solutions.

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