Talent, the last real Competitive Advantage in Multifamily

Talent, the last real Competitive Advantage in Multifamily

Bozzuto’s Kristen Reese on Aligning People Strategy with Business Strategy in a Multifamily Organization.

Kristen Reese is Vice President of Talent and Culture at the Bozzuto Group. She joined Bozzuto in 2011 and currently leads the strategic execution of all programs and initiatives under the umbrella of employer branding, recruitment, marketing, talent acquisition, and diversity and inclusion. Aligning people strategy with business strategy, she has a proven track record of building progressive, ‘best in class’, award-winning, employer branding, candidate experience, and employee engagement programs that deliver exceptional experiences and business outcomes.

Kristen is a seasoned executive coach in future-focused workplace experience designer. She began her career in hospitality management after graduating from Penn State University. Seven years later, she transitioned to staffing and executive search until moving into corporate human resources in 2006.

Bozzuto is a privately-held real estate services company that specializes in Property Management, Construction, Development and Home Building. Their vision of creating extraordinary experiences for all who touch their brand is inspired by the award-winning, empowered execution of their more than 2500 talented team members.

In This Episode

Patrick and Kristen talk about the following in this podcast:

  • What Kristen is excited about in multifamily and Bozzuto today.
  • How Bozzuto is fostering constant learning as an organization and exploring consumer experience through people.
  • How Bozzuto communicates their values internally and protects these values over time so their legacy and vision stay in place.
  • The different things on the path towards reaching a revenue objective.
  • Implementing change, adopting new technology and practices, overcoming challenges, and keeping people connected in a multifamily organization.
  • How to attract new people and encourage employee retention.
  • Identifying winning elements in the organization that lead to becoming better for the customer and business unit and driving higher business returns.
  • Kristen’s advice on change and innovation.

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