Technology is Changing the Way We Work in Multifamily

Technology is Changing the Way We Work in Multifamily

Scott Pechersky on Bringing in New Technology and Innovation to Move a Business Forward

Scott Pechersky is the Senior Vice President of Technology for Alliance Residential Company. He is responsible for Alliance’s corporate infrastructure which includes developing and implementing new technologies across their portfolio and providing support and training to property associates for the latest in IT initiatives. Scott also oversees Alliance’s property management software solutions, its business intelligence division, online leasing platforms, resident portals, and additional third-party programs for communities.

In This Episode

Patrick and Scott talk about the following:

  • What Scott is excited about in the multifamily industry today.
  • Scott’s thoughts on the next level of employees and their new essential skills.
  • How Scott deals with employee fears of technology and how it is changing the industry.
  • The importance of employees buying into a newly introduced technology.
  • How Alliance regularly puts their different teams together to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Scott’s opinion on the best way a company can integrate new technology.
  • How an executive of a company can bring in innovation and position the company.
  • How to have customer focus in designing and deciding on technology to bring into the business.
  • Rolling out home automation tools and systems and creating smart homes.
  • What makes Alliance different and how they are gathering, making use, and analyzing of data.
  • How Scott and Alliance convince someone who is already enjoying success to take risks in trying out new technologies.
  • Scott on identifying when a new technology is not working out and shelving it for a different time.
  • What Scott looks for in a chief innovation officer/chief technology.
  • Scott on leveraging the net worth work environment where everyone has a voice, not just the executive team.

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