Beyond Convenience: Arize’s Role in Enhancing Security and Efficiency in Apartments

Beyond Convenience: Arize’s Role in Enhancing Security and Efficiency in Apartments

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Arize is a smart apartment solutions company offering the convenience of smart automation to property managers and residents. The Arize platform upgrades multifamily properties for increased operating efficiencies and higher earning potential, while residents enjoy modern smart home amenities for a connected and secured living experience.

In this episode, we covered:

  • Introduced by Sylvia Crawford, Senior Director of Marketing and Strategy at Arize, Arize is a smart home platform that has been addressing a gap in the multifamily industry since 2019. The Arize team is made up of a variety of IOT aficionados with experience in consumer electronics, real estate technology, apartment residents and property owners. 
  • Arizes’ long-term connections with their partners have aided them in creating a diversified ecosystem of smart devices that work in unison with one another. According to Sylvia, Arize streamlines multifamily owners’ and operators’ operations throughout all 50 states.
  • Arize offers moisture detectors that alert management the moment moisture is found, reducing leaks and property damage, as well as hubs that facilitate communication between all smart devices.
  • Mobile devices can be used by management and residents to access locks. These locks have functions that cause doors to automatically lock after a predetermined amount of time. Additionally, motion detectors and alarms discourage attempted break-ins and are simple to control when residents are absent from their apartments.
  • Arize provides improved convenience and security to draw in and keep residents. The solutions increase leasing signings and raise retention rates, adding value to buildings, states Sylvia.
  • Sylvia is looking forward to the Multifamily Women® Summit in 2022 and sharing her expertise in the PropTech industry. In addition, she says she is looking forward to hearing from business leaders at the event and to be a part of something that will open doors for others.

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