Beyond the Clothes: Image & Presence with Linda H. Yates

Beyond the Clothes: Image & Presence with Linda H. Yates

In this interview, Patrick Antrim, CEO of Multifamily Leadership shares time with Linda H. Yates who is a highly sought international Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Author and Corporate Trainer. Linda has produced over 250 educational seminars on helping individuals and businesses uncover, realize and accomplish their goals.

She has motivated over 10,000 individuals representing Fortune 500 companies throughout North America including Tyco, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Fannie Mae, and Century 21 on their internal processes and corporate initiatives. She is also an adjunct instructor at Florida Atlantic University.

In this show we discuss:

  • Men and women compare themselves all the time.
  • Confidence and reaching your potential. Moving away from pain or desire for more.
  • Self image, take time to check in with ourselves. How letting boundaries we place on ourself limit our potential.
  • How men and women process and compare themselves to each other.
  • How our self perceptions impact our potential and hold us bask. We take less risks as a result.
  • Stepping out and trying new things.
  • Everyday is an opportunity for daily improvisation and making impressions.
  • Public speaking is part of our life everyday. Push through the internal barriers.
  • Inside communication -Jessica’s Affirmations. Getting rid of self doubts and touching back to that younger you.

People that are happy are successful. We think we have to be successful before we can be happy. It’s the other way around. Once we are happy and we choose to embrace whatever it is in our life, mind, heart and circumstance, we find the happy there. We then will attract the success.

  • I am statements are important. Begin with at least 3 everyday, write them down, look at them a couple times a day. Look in the mirror and say them. No one else can say for you “I am” but you.

Sometimes we take life as it comes and let life happen to us instead of making life happing for us.

  • Thinking quickly and on our feet is important because we may not get another opportunity.
  • If you hesitate instead of taking that risk. We miss out. There is confidence in that risk.
  • Life is always on the outside of the barriers. This is how we all began life.
  • Professionalism and how we operate today.  Professionalism is our word, integrity. Being in the moment and present. As to clothes, not too tight, not too loose. The fit needs to be right and in good shape.

The higher the hem line, the higher the neck line, the fuller the bottom line. The more skin that is covered, the more successful. The messenger is the most important person. Our clothes are always broadcasting. People look at the clothes instead of the person.

  • Understand your brand and what you are known for. A jacket is key. When people put on a jacket, there is a psychological boost internally that raises your game. I’m here to work.

Once you take off your jacket you lose 50% of your perceived authority.

  • Stepping up your wardrobe delivers a positive first impression. If you are meeting someone new for the first time, wear a jacket and go for the first impression. You may not need to wear the jacket all the time depending on how the relationship develops and what your why is.
  • The online impression. It’s the clothing you put on. What clothes makes you feel the most creative or productive? Need to understand the ability to fit in too. When big clients appeared, people improved their dress and productivity increased that day. Casual environments are okay in certain circumstances. You can still step up your professional broadcast. It will show that you are serious about your career and you’re here to do business and can be trusted.
  • Bring your best self to every experience. Drink a lot of water. Keep your energy up. Working out, natural light. Cutting people out of your life that suck your energy. It’s about setting boundaries and understanding the people that are drawing the positive energy out of you.

We broadcast out. Whatever we put out comes back to us and generates what we put back out. It’s a never ending cycle.

We are what we focus on. If you want to change something in your world, change your focus. Get rid of the negative self talk, embrace who you are and step to your strengths.

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