Community Preservation Partners Announces Major Renovation of Cambridge Square Apartments in Monroeville, Advancing their Mission in Affordable Housing Preservation

As a name synonymous with vibrant, accessible, and thriving communities, Community Preservation Partners (CPP) breathes regeneration and new life into diverse neighborhoods. With their recent announcement of a major renovation of Cambridge Square Apartments in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, they continue to demonstrate a firm commitment to their social mandate.

Situated just 14 miles east of downtown Pittsburgh, the community that calls Cambridge Square Apartments home will soon experience the strides CPP is making in affordable housing preservation. Not only a win for the residents, but this project also underlines the steady expansion of CPP’s operation in Pennsylvania, following on the heels of their acquisition of Allegheny Commons in downtown Pittsburgh earlier this year.

Central to their mission, CPP is planning comprehensive renovations for the Cambridge Square Apartments that will resonate powerfully and positively within this vibrant 204-unit community. Prioritizing investment in residential infrastructure, the plans include an outlay of approximately $92,289 per unit, totalling just under $19 million.

A healthy space for communities to live extends far beyond the four walls of an individual unit. CPP’s blueprint embraces improvement of communal amenities, reconstruction of a residential building, and the creation of a new community building. The latter will serve as a focal hub for resident meetings, gatherings and ensure essential functions such as maintenance and leasing via conveniently located offices.

Restoration goes hand in hand with upgrades. Responding to the changing needs of a modern community, the blueprints cater to a wide spectrum of enhancements from accessibility updates and energy efficiency, meeting National Green Building Standards, to mechanical system replacements and an aesthetic facelift of the building envelopes.

The interior upgrades will redefine the residents’ living experiences, accentuated by the implementation of new kitchen counter-tops, modern appliances, and flooring. The much-needed revamp will extend to the bathrooms with new vanities, fixtures, tub reglazing, and new shower surrounds as needed.

“We are excited to bring new construction and new amenities to the residents,” said Seth Gellis, President of CPP, echoing the company’s continuous pursuit of excellence in preserving affordability while improving the quality of housing.

Four years from now, by December 2024, the residents are expected to fully reap the benefits of these renovations. Furthermore, CPP’s partnership with American Healthcare Group will ensure supportive services augment this reinvigorated community.

In achieving this monumental project, CPP is proud to collaborate with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) and Key Bank. Through conscious urban mending propelled by determined partnerships, we believe in fostering healthier communities and brighter futures. Here’s to the revitalization of the greater Pittsburgh area, one building at a time.