Toll Brothers Announce Lumara: A New Standard for Luxury Multifamily Living in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona is set to be the recent recipient of a new, high-end residential development, bringing luxury living and state-of-the-art amenities to the beloved Southwestern city. Luxury residential construction leader, Toll Brothers, through their Toll Brothers Apartment Living, rental division, has linked arms with Willton Investment Management to breathe life into their new project, aptly named Lumara.

Celebrated for its craftsmanship and design, Toll Brothers have turned heads nationwide, consistently delivering an unmatched sense of luxury and refinement with its projects. Their upcoming development, Lumara, once again emphasizes their unmatched capabilities in the multifamily market. The plan involves a splendid, four-story, 456-unit multifamily rental community that articulates unpretentious luxury. The project, financially supported by an $86 million construction loan facility from Santander Bank N.A. and Alerus, promises to drive outstanding standards of multifamily living in the area.

We’ve often discussed the importance of community-centered living and diversity in amenities in today’s rental markets. At Lumara, local residents will experience these with the inclusion of 700+ parking spaces, outfitted with – forward-thinking -EV charging stations too. The residency plan also highlights extravagant amenities, such as a heated resort-style pool, a stunning rooftop terrace, outdoor fitness lawn, and a unique virtual sport simulator, giving leisure and convenience a whole new meaning.

Conveniently located within a 10-minute drive from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s future plant, the Lumara draws attention to its accessibility to local employment corridors in the Deer Valley submarket, truly cementing its status as a gateway to employment. What adds even more to Lumara’s sparkle is its presence in North Phoenix, a hotspot witnessing an audacious growth and an increasing tech manufacturing presence. This strategic positioning fully grasps the essence of Toll Brothers’ indomitable spirit in real estate development, placing sustainability, modern living, and community integration at its core.

That being said, Lumara’s story is more than just another distinguished luxury work of Toll Brothers. It presents the first invested project with partner Willton, demonstrating Toll Brothers’ aptitude to nurture strong and lasting relationships with investors and stakeholders. It also outlines how the builder transcends the typical developer role and embodies an emblem of dedication to craftsmanship and architectural finesse in the real estate industry. Furthermore, this stands as a testament to their nation-spanning network of projects that have enriched communities across markets.

With Lumara being one in six multifamily community developments completed or still under construction by the renowned Toll Brothers in Arizona, amounting to over 2,150 units, it’s certain that this development will bring forward a new, coveted living experience for modern city-dwellers. As multifamily apartments continue to evolve, evolving its definition of luxury living, we see projects like Lumara as not only ideal investments but promising ventures that frame future communities. The upcoming project captures a tasteful synergy of community, quality, convenience, and design ambition, paving the way for Phoenix to attract the topmost talent in the national market landscape.