Charging Forward: Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions (REVS) and the Future of EV Charging Stations in Multifamily Properties

Charging Forward: Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions (REVS) and the Future of EV Charging Stations in Multifamily Properties

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Having 70+ years of experience in commercial real estate, Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions (REVS) has a unique insight into the needs of property owners looking to provide electric vehicle charging stations throughout their portfolio. REVS is a full-service electric vehicle charging company that works with real estate owners and managers to install electric vehicle charging stations on commercial real estate properties.

In this episode, we covered:

  • David Aaronson was watching a television show about the manufacturing of electric vehicle charging stations when he realized that every apartment community will have residents driving electric vehicles and hence would need an electric vehicle (EV) charging station. 
  • Aaronson launched Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions (REVS for short) after recognizing how much the new car market would change within the next decade.
  • In order to install electric vehicle charging stations on properties, REVS provides a consultancy service that works with developers and engineers. REVS installs electric charging stations and upgrades the electrical system of properties at no expense to the owners. REVS will also compensate for electricity used and split earnings with multifamily properties.
  • Aaronson discusses the high rate of return on investment offered by EV charging stations and how multifamily communities without them could potentially lose residents to those who do.
  • At the 2022 Multifamily Women® Summit, REVS is thrilled to have the chance to inform owners and operators and assist them in making the best choices for their properties.

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