Culture is Your Strategy with Patrick Morin

Culture is Your Strategy with Patrick Morin

Listen in as Patrick Antrim interviews Patrick Morin as part of the Multifamily Leadership Series.

An inspiring executive that has held many titles such as Turnaround CEO, Venture Capitalist, Consultant, and Multifamily Executive.

Patrick is a partner at BrightHammer, a team of experts that work directly with company leaders nationwide to develop and implement sales strategy, deliver targeted sales training and effect sales-oriented culture changes. He is also a contributing author in the Central Penn Business Journal.

Patrick gives his thoughts on:

Acquiring assets and how culture matters to outcomes

Creating functional companies

How culture is your strategy

How leaders can create expectations of contribution

Patrick offers three tips to make people feel safe and confident to share ideas

How to treat, interface, and communicate to build better customer experiences

We talk about leaders as salespeople

Do resumes still matter?


Patrick’s Article: Are you the CEO of Your Territory?

Patrick Morin’s Twitter: @patrickbmorin

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