Emotional Intelligence with Valerie Sargent

Emotional Intelligence with Valerie Sargent

We are excited to learn about Emotional Intelligence as part of our interview series for https://multifamilyleadership.com

Valerie has a passion for teaching others and making a difference. She began her career in the multifamily industry 24 years ago as a leasing consultant, strategically guiding her career through the years toward speaking, training, marketing and consulting. Valerie works with clients to unlock the dynamic power within their associates.

Topics we will cover:

What exactly is Emotional Intelligence?

Why is it important in the workplace?

What’s an example of how Emotional Intelligence may show up on the job?

How do our brains play a role?

How can people be better at Self-Management?

How can Emotional Intelligence help with situations where there is conflict?

Is there a difference between women and men?

What role does EQ play in leadership?

What are some overall ways people can improve their Emotional Intelligence?


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One thought on “Emotional Intelligence with Valerie Sargent”

  1. Loved this topic. We don’t discuss emotions enough in business. But they certainly impact us all day long. Also, I appreciated the referral to explore Dr. Daniel Amen’s research. Thanks again!

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