What to Expect at the Multifamily Leadership Summit Where Innovation, Disruption and Leadership Converge

What to Expect at the Multifamily Leadership Summit Where Innovation, Disruption and Leadership Converge

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., November 3, 2017 (Newswire) -​​The Multifamily Leadership Summit, held Nov. 15-17, 2017, will give the forward-looking Multifamily Executive access to a unique mix of thought-provoking content that will challenge attendees to think differently about the Multifamily industry.
Many Multifamily operators think the next big thing is how they will leverage technology like Google Home, the Internet of Things (IoT) or even Amazon Alexa. That way of thinking challenged Multifamily Leadership founder and CEO Patrick Antrim to create a venue that was focused on embracing innovation when disruption is fast approaching.

“The Summit will change your perspective about what’s next for Multifamily. Linear thinking today won’t cut it when technology and innovation permeate every aspect of our lives,” says Patrick Antrim. “Embracing disruption and innovation is crucial to every apartment owner and manager that operates in this space, underwriting deals today with proformas looking 10-20 years forward must prepare for what is coming their way; there is too much at stake.”

Those that believe they have it all figured out must think again. Innovation surprises robust companies just like it did with when Airbnb changed the way you planned your hotel stay or Uber and Lyft with the automotive industry, and most recently the grocery business with the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods. One of the key Summit highlights is a session promising to deliver controversy and insight on “what’s next.” Mike Mueller, CEO of LeaseHawk and longtime industry innovator, will share what disruption looks like for the industry. Mike predicted the future of music when he spoke at the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) and passed around an MP3 player way before the iPod was released. He launched AllApartments.com, one of the first Internet Listing Services (ILS) to catalog all the apartments in the U.S., when everyone thought that print was the way to go and created the first apartment video tour before the birth of YouTube.

Antrim states, “People are the last real competitive advantage in the Multifamily market today and a leader’s hardest decisions involve people and their changing roles in the organization. Certainly the innovation coming our way will reshape how people work in Multifamily. The Multifamily Leadership Summit is where leadership, disruption and innovation converge.”

The summit will also celebrate the top 25 companies with the only employer-recognition program of its kind – The Best Places to Work in Multifamily™. Organizations named to the Best Places to Work in Multifamily™ list see a tremendous impact on all marketing they conduct. They use the distinction to enhance their employee recruiting efforts, increase the effectiveness of the organization’s marketing to reach residents and improve their reputation within the community, state and industry.
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