The Future of Real Estate with the Autonomous Vehicle with Marcus Strom

The Future of Real Estate with the Autonomous Vehicle with Marcus Strom

In this interview, Patrick Antrim, CEO of Multifamily Leadership shares time with Marcus Strom, founder of Autonomous Driving Research, a non-profit organization on autonomous driving to evaluate, challenge, inform, and propose solutions for vehicles, drivers, operators, and infrastructure agencies for the successful integration of Autonomous Driving Vehicles (ADV) with current traffic systems. This organization is independent of any manufacturer, supplier, agency, brand, or solution. Marcus maintained self-driving vehicle fleets through install, diagnostics, calibration, qualifying, maintaining, troubleshooting, and operating advanced self-driving autonomous vehicle hardware and software systems and OEM platform systems. He also launched initial technical operations and tech support in this industry.

There are almost 260 million vehicles on the road today, 2 billion parking spaces, and 125 thousand gas stations. Your car is parked 95% of the time. The utilization of a vehicle is no where near what it could be.

If it doesn’t help save us time or money, at the end of the day, why use it? – Marcus Strom

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Research centered around the vehicle, sensors, and underlying safety
  • Increasing utilization of the vehicle
  • How the use of autonomous vehicles can and will increase productivity
  • How people define where they really want to live when commuting is not an issue
  • Changing behaviors
  • Google’s influence on this industry
  • Looking 360 degrees around the vehicle at all times – software, knowledge base, sensors, weather conditions
  • Worldwide solutions and real-world environments
  • Understanding traffic patters, societal trust of “red light, green light”
  • Behavioral acceptance and integration – education is key
  • Exponential growth of technology and integration

Having been in and out of the driver’s seat of one of these vehicles, and experienced it day in and day out, it is pretty fascinating. It is something that if we don’t do it now, you could be left behind. That’s opportunity for someone else. – Marcus Strom

  • Best approach for acceptance and understanding
  • Lidar – Light Detection and Ranging
  • Using laser light to send signals 360 degrees to see at night and radar to search for motion
  • Autonomous vehicle safety – much more sensitive than human perception
  • Interior and exterior appearance of vehicles
  • How the autonomous vehicle  and ride sharing can impact apartment communities
  • Real estate development and city planning
  • A to B transportation – city busses and trains becoming autonomous
  • Disruption of industry
  • Adoption rate of autonomous vehicles
  • Changing roles of vehicle ownership

When is it coming and when can I buy one? are the wrong questions. The right question is, when can I experience it?

  • Fostering relationships and partnerships between properties and companies
  • Opportunity for management companies and developers
  • Parking and density
  • On-demand service
  • Artificial intelligence learning and execution
  • Alexa, Google, Siri voice recognition and searching

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