Driving Change in Multifamily: Angela Flick on Adapting and Innovating

Driving Change in Multifamily: Angela Flick on Adapting and Innovating

On this episode of the Multifamily Women® Podcast, host Carrie Antrim speaks with Angela Flick, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at Mack Property Management. Angela has extensive experience in the industry, having worked for Greystar, Riverstone Residential Group, and ConAm Management. Angela is a member of the Multifamily Innovation® Council and loves talking about prop-tech and innovation.

Key Takeaways:

Embracing Technology in Multifamily: Angela talks about her approach to technology. We discuss the courage needed to embrace new technology, when the timing is right to implement new programs or software, and knowing when it’s time to pivot or abandon a tool or strategy.

Navigating Change in Multifamily: Angela delves into why change can be challenging for multifamily companies and how to overcome these hurdles.

The Role of Pilot Programs: Angela discusses the importance of technology pilot programs within apartment communities, along with their impact on her strategic decisions.

Tech Companies & Beta Testing: Angela provides insights for multifamily technology companies from her experience in multifamily management, discussing the role of beta testing in product development.

The Changing Landscape of Hiring: In an increasingly tech-driven world, Angela discusses how the approach to evaluating multifamily new hires is evolving.

The Era of Remote Work: Angela shares effective strategies for managing and leading remote teams who are managing apartment communities.

Women in Leadership: Angela offers advice for women in leadership roles in the multifamily industry.

Identifying Business Process Gaps: Angela talks about her approach to identifying business process gaps and the steps she takes to address them.

Future Trends in Prop-Tech: As a member of the Multifamily Innovation® Council, Angela shares her thoughts on emerging trends in prop-tech and how they could transform the multifamily industry.

[00:02:04] Excitement and fear of technology.
[00:04:20] Knowing when to implement change.
[00:08:24] Implementing new technology in the apartment workplace.
[00:13:19] Apartment sales team education on technology.
[00:20:05] AI and chat GPT in multifamily.
[00:21:42] Managing remote teams effectively.
[00:25:27] Creating a home structure.
[00:29:35] Investing in yourself.
[00:33:31] Process mapping for workflows in multifamily.
[00:37:08] Planning and problem-solving strategies.
[00:41:20] Prop tech transforming the industry.
[00:45:34] Women’s Leadership Series.

Angela Flick: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angflick/
Multifamily Women® Summit: https://multifamilywomen.com/
Multifamily Women® Leadership Series: https://apps.multifamilywomen.com/join
Multifamily Innovation® Council: https://multifamilyinnovation.com/multifamily-innovation-advisory-council/
Carrie Antrim: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carrieantrim/