Driving Financial Performance for Management Clients Featuring Tom Shelton

Driving Financial Performance for Management Clients Featuring Tom Shelton

The key to a successful organizational culture is to make sure you integrate the techniques discussed in this episode of the Multifamily Leadership Podcast™ featuring Tom Shelton.

Tom Shelton, Principal of Shelton-Cook Real Estate Services an Accredited Management Organization® and member of the Institute of Real Estate Management, the National Multi-Housing Council and numerous state and local apartment associations, currently employs approximately 600 people in 5 states and manages real estate investments valued in excess of $2.2 billion.

He’s talking about what his company is doing with leadership and culture strategies at the Multifamily Leadership Summit. He discusses the employee driven organization, how he’s bringing more focus to the hiring process with accountability, culture, and the 4 stakeholders of Multifamily. Tom also brings the wisdom that comes from his 28 years of experience and his value for the feedback of his vendors and industry partners. Tom touches on failure and how he shares success with teams with his open communication forum.


Visit the Shelton-Cook website to learn about career opportunities and more


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