You Are The Capital Featuring Jennifer Staciokas

You Are The Capital Featuring Jennifer Staciokas

In this podcast episode, Patrick discusses challenges and how they can actually be an extremely necessary form of growth in order to get you to the next level. We feature Senior Vice President of Marketing and Training at Pinnacle, Jennifer Staciokas, about some challenges that she has personally faced in her career and how she overcame them.

What does leadership mean to you?

Patrick talks about different forms of leadership and what it takes to lead in whatever role you’re currently in. He discusses how the concept of curiosity can have a major impact on resident satisfaction. Jennifer talks about her leadership role and gives personal insight into how her leadership style works for her. The people you surround yourself with play a major role in how you function as a leader. Diversity can have amazing growth potential.

Many times, it takes courage to be an incredible leader and being a leader comes with risk. Sometimes taking those big risks pays off in major ways and end up being highly profitable decisions, both in terms of financial gain and also personal growth.

Patrick states, “If we’re not investing in ourselves and we’re not getting to the next level, then we’re not going to feel like we are valued, regardless of what others think of us.”

Jennifer follows that up by talking about her own experience taking a big risk by moving from Lincoln Property Company to Pinnacle in order to build three different departments from scratch.

No matter what you do, it’s crucial to face your challenges head-on and take those risks that will allow you to grow not only in your personal life, but also within your career. Everyone is capable of greatness, you just have to have the confidence to make big things happen.


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