Empowering Leadership and Re-Imagining Team Structures with Ashley Lipp

Empowering Leadership and Re-Imagining Team Structures with Ashley Lipp

In this episode of the Multifamily Women® Podcast, host Carrie Antrim and Ashley Lipp, VP of Residential Property Management at Lloyd Companies, discuss the importance of cultivating a strong relationship with oneself as a leader, and how new leaders often underestimate the significance of this internal connection. It is stressed that without a healthy relationship with oneself and a commitment to self-honesty, it is unlikely for a leader to inspire and motivate others.

In this episode, Ashley underscores the significance of investing in oneself and cultivating curiosity as a means to become a better leader.  This includes the importance of utilizing technology as a problem-solving tool rather than allowing it to become a distraction. Ashley acknowledges that technology should serve as a support tool, enhancing individuals’ abilities to perform their roles more effectively and efficiently. Technology can be intimidating for some, but it is an integral part of the business landscape, and failing to embrace it can lead to falling behind and suffering in the industry.

Ashley advocates for finding the right balance between technology and human interaction, recognizing that technology should enhance the customer service-oriented nature of their business rather than replace it. Ashley firmly believes that technology will not completely overshadow everything, especially in property management where there will always be a need for human interaction to deliver exceptional customer service.

[00:01:40] Importance of leadership development.
[00:05:30] Innovation in Maintenance
[00:08:24] Fostering personal growth and leadership.
[00:13:44] Struggling with imposter syndrome.
[00:15:13] Overcoming self-doubt and speaking up.
[00:19:03] Imposter syndrome.
[00:24:22] Get curious about yourself.

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