Improve Apartment Leasing Without “Just Adding Better Amenities”

Improve Apartment Leasing Without “Just Adding Better Amenities”

Improve Apartment Leasing Without “Just Adding Better Amenities”

WPM Real Estate Management provides management services for around 25,000 homes across the east coast. They’ve been helping multifamily and other real estate companies for over 15 years and use their experience to add great value to their properties.

Rebecca Smith (Becky) is the Senior Leasing Manager at WPM. She started her career in hospitality and brought that experience into leasing, recognizing how important hospitality is within the industry. 

Becky works to build creative leasing and retention strategies that improve the experience for the resident and the owner. 

In this episode, we covered: 

  • Which approach is better to lease faster – training apartment teams or utilizing software automation?
  • Becky discusses how WPM became even more efficient and what they did during the pandemic to keep vacancy rates below 5%.
  • WPM has used software and new technologies to supplement their staff, instead of leaning on it like a crutch.
  • Implementing new software and technology can be a tricky process and Becky discusses how WPM does this effectively with their teams.
  • What strategies does WPM use to improve lease ups that aren’t just “add better amenities, have better leasing agents, have competitive pricing”?
  • Why the surrounding community is important for every multifamily property, but not for the reason you think.
  • Examples of how Becky’s experience in leasing helped improve the construction part of WPM by creating properties that made more sense and created a better experience.
  • Why an unusual career path like Becky’s may be what the multifamily industry needs more of right now.

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