Lincoln Avenue Communities Ignites Affordable Housing Movement with 52 at Park Groundbreaking

Lincoln Avenue Communities (LAC) is making bold strides in the realm of affordable housing with their latest groundbreaking ceremony at the site of 52 at Park in Orange County. This event, which brought together LAC leaders, local lawmakers, and partners, marks the commencement of a development that will significantly bolster affordable living options, providing 300 units to those earning up to 60% of the Area Median Income.

Jordan Richter, LAC’s vice president and regional project partner, shared his enthusiasm for the project, noting that “Lincoln Avenue Communities is proud to grow our portfolio of affordable housing developments in Florida. Once completed, 52 at Park will provide hundreds of high-quality, affordable homes in one of the state’s fastest-growing metropolitan areas.”

This development isn’t just about quantity but also quality and sustainability. 52 at Park will include a host of amenities designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents. With the inclusion of a fitness center, pool, clubhouse, central laundry, and a playground, the community is poised to offer not just affordable housing but a dynamic living environment.

Moreover, LAC is setting a new standard for sustainability in affordable housing through a comprehensive solar installation that will offset 100% of the community’s electricity usage. This groundbreaking initiative propels 52 at Park into the limelight as one of Florida’s pioneering affordable housing communities to achieve full solar offsetting.

Cricket Cleary, LAC’s director of development, underscored this commitment to sustainability, stating, “LAC is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability and resiliency of our developments. 52 at Park represents a major step toward a new generation of high-quality sustainable housing in Florida, and throughout the country.”

The project’s financing is an impressive tapestry of partnerships and funding sources, including tax-exempt bonds, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit equity investment, loans from banking institutions, and solar energy credit equity, manifesting a blueprint for future developments to emulate.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer has expressed the city’s dedication to the cause, emphasizing that partnerships like the one with Lincoln Avenue Communities are crucial for expanding affordable housing opportunities. “The City of Orlando remains committed to ensuring that everyone who wants to call Orlando home has access to quality housing that is safe and affordable,” said Mayor Dyer.

With an expected completion date by the end of 2025, these 300 new affordable homes at 52 at Park are not just a response to immediate housing needs but a vision of what the future of sustainable, affordable living can, and should, look like. Lincoln Avenue Communities is leading the charge, illustrating the immense potential of strategic partnerships and innovative thinking in the multifamily apartment industry.