Oak Row Equities Launches Groundbreaking 2600 Biscayne Project to Reshape Miami’s Edgewater Skyline

Oak Row Equities, a stalwart in South Florida’s real estate scene, has taken a bold step forward with the announcement of the groundbreaking for 2600 Biscayne Boulevard. This project is set to redefine luxury multifamily and office space within Miami’s dynamic Edgewater neighborhood, bringing a new level of sophistication and innovation to the area.

Designed by the globally esteemed Arquitectonica, the breathtaking 41-story structure is poised to set a new standard in Miami-Dade County. Not only does the design promise to be an architectural masterpiece, but it will also house an original public artwork by distinguished artist Derrick Adams, enhancing the building’s cultural and aesthetic appeal.

Erik Rutter, Managing Partner at Oak Row Equities, encapsulates the vision behind the project, stating, “We are focused on delivering the highest quality multi-family and office product to the Edgewater submarket. We believe by breaking ground we will deliver into a supply-constrained market and be well-positioned as the highest quality asset in Miami-Dade County.”

The confidence in the project is strongly supported by the early pre-leasing of half the commercial space and the securing of a substantial $181 million loan from Bank OZK, a notable gesture of trust in Oak Row Equities’ vision.

The tower is a testament to multifunctional urban living, offering residents an array of premium amenities designed for excellence and convenience. Noteworthy features include a pet spa, private lounge, state-of-the-art fitness center, and a coworking lounge atop the magnificent 41st floor. All these elements are designed to cater to a lifestyle that values quality, comfort, and a connection to the vibrant Miami backdrop.

For office tenants, 2600 Biscayne Boulevard provides an environment that fosters productivity and well-being, with luxurious amenities such as a landscaped rooftop terrace, open-air seating, and wellness-focused features.

The significance of this project extends beyond its walls, as David Weitz, Managing Partner at Oak Row Equities, highlights, “2600 Biscayne will dramatically enhance the caliber of multifamily and office space in Edgewater and really create a new upper tier for these asset classes in South Florida. We are thrilled to be breaking ground on this exciting new project, and are proud to be working with such sophisticated financial institutions who are invested alongside us in South Florida’s brightfuture.”

Such projects not only accelerate the evolution of community and workspace design but also contribute to Miami’s upward trajectory as a hub for investors, residents, and visionaries alike. 2600 Biscayne Boulevard is more than a building; it is a horizon for innovation, a beacon of multifamily leadership, and a cornerstone for the future of multifamily living in South Florida.