Live Interview with Mike Lindstrom

Live Interview with Mike Lindstrom


Patrick Antrim and Mike Lindstrom discuss happiness and the impact not only in your personal life, but also your work life.



Mike Lindstrom – Author, speaker, Trained in the psychology of influence. Worked directly with Tony Robbins

  • Happiness as an outcome
  • Choice component
  • Multifamily Industry is significant – high task and relationship driven
  • Legislative issues require some rigidity, but there is also a human relationship component
  • Feel better as a winner – “You can’t give away what you don’t have.”
  • People struggle with themselves and/or money
  • Understanding those 2 things can change the entire customer experience


  • “What’s Your Story” – authored by Mike Lindstrom
  • Book geared toward fathers
  • How to phrase questions to elicit more thorough responses
  • Can relate to business – phrase questions to strengthen the client relationship

Experience with Tony Robbins

  • Entrepreneur group
  • There to learn and move on
  • Loyal group
  • Stay with Robbins for the long haul

Elements of Psychology

  • There’s no such thing as an excuse
  • Everything taught by Robbins could be used in other areas of life and business

Leading Teams / Happiness

  • Coaching leaders who deal with many different employees
  • 50% of your ability to be happy is genetic – straight from mom and dad
  • 50% of your ability to be happy is a choice – family, friends, home, work life, etc.
  • Some people’s happiness setpoint may be much lower than others
  • Extrinsic Happiness: Things outside of yourself – car, job, money, etc. These only create temporary happiness.
  • Intrinsic Happiness: Things inside – gratitude, meditation, prayer, family, connection with community, giving back, etc. These create long-term happiness.
  • Not only your neighborhood but also social media – online groups, book groups



  • Communication is key
  • No different in business than in personal relationships
  • It all comes down to communication

People want to tell their story

  • Ask questions
  • Be the change
  • Clients should be excited to see your name on the caller ID – take the time to ask the questions
  • Do it for “No Good Reason”
  • Practice communication/gratitude once a month with your community (could be work, geographical, etc.) to collapse the distance
    1. Only takes 90 seconds



  • 50% of happiness is genetic
  • 40% is intentional behavior
  • 10% is your general life circumstance

You can control your Intentional Behavior and your General Life Circumstance!

Cell Phone / Media

  1. Do not turn on your phone or the news in the morning until you’re ready
  2. Choose which news outlets you watch – keep it positive, guard your happiness
  3. Start your day happy, stay happy

Intrinsic Happiness

  • Practice gratitude
  • Focus on family, friends, positivity in your life
  • Create connections with family, friends, co-workers, clients

Batch Activities

  • High-transaction work, difficult to be “on fire” all the time
  • Give yourself the 40/50% chance for happiness by starting your day with positivity – You control your morning
  • Start your week with 15-20 minutes every Sunday looking at your calendar and goals – add time for yourself (workouts, meditation, gratitude journaling, date night, family fun, etc.)

Mind and Body are One

  • If one side of the equation is off, the other side is not balanced either
  • Get out of your slump – sends a message of lack of confidence
  • Practice positive self-talk, strong language patterns


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