Patrick Antrim and Mike Lindstrom discuss happiness and the impact not only in your personal life, but also your work life.



Mike Lindstrom – Author, speaker, Trained in the psychology of influence. Worked directly with Tony Robbins

  • Happiness as an outcome
  • Choice component
  • Multifamily Industry is significant – high task and relationship driven
  • Legislative issues require some rigidity, but there is also a human relationship component
  • Feel better as a winner – “You can’t give away what you don’t have.”
  • People struggle with themselves and/or money
  • Understanding those 2 things can change the entire customer experience


  • “What’s Your Story” – authored by Mike Lindstrom
  • Book geared toward fathers
  • How to phrase questions to elicit more thorough responses
  • Can relate to business – phrase questions to strengthen the client relationship

Experience with Tony Robbins

  • Entrepreneur group
  • There to learn and move on
  • Loyal group
  • Stay with Robbins for the long haul

Elements of Psychology

  • There’s no such thing as an excuse
  • Everything taught by Robbins could be used in other areas of life and business

Leading Teams / Happiness

  • Coaching leaders who deal with many different employees
  • 50% of your ability to be happy is genetic – straight from mom and dad
  • 50% of your ability to be happy is a choice – family, friends, home, work life, etc.
  • Some people’s happiness setpoint may be much lower than others
  • Extrinsic Happiness: Things outside of yourself – car, job, money, etc. These only create temporary happiness.
  • Intrinsic Happiness: Things inside – gratitude, meditation, prayer, family, connection with community, giving back, etc. These create long-term happiness.
  • Not only your neighborhood but also social media – online groups, book groups



  • Communication is key
  • No different in business than in personal relationships
  • It all comes down to communication

People want to tell their story

  • Ask questions
  • Be the change
  • Clients should be excited to see your name on the caller ID – take the time to ask the questions
  • Do it for “No Good Reason”
  • Practice communication/gratitude once a month with your community (could be work, geographical, etc.) to collapse the distance
    1. Only takes 90 seconds



  • 50% of happiness is genetic
  • 40% is intentional behavior
  • 10% is your general life circumstance

You can control your Intentional Behavior and your General Life Circumstance!

Cell Phone / Media

  1. Do not turn on your phone or the news in the morning until you’re ready
  2. Choose which news outlets you watch – keep it positive, guard your happiness
  3. Start your day happy, stay happy

Intrinsic Happiness

  • Practice gratitude
  • Focus on family, friends, positivity in your life
  • Create connections with family, friends, co-workers, clients

Batch Activities

  • High-transaction work, difficult to be “on fire” all the time
  • Give yourself the 40/50% chance for happiness by starting your day with positivity – You control your morning
  • Start your week with 15-20 minutes every Sunday looking at your calendar and goals – add time for yourself (workouts, meditation, gratitude journaling, date night, family fun, etc.)

Mind and Body are One

  • If one side of the equation is off, the other side is not balanced either
  • Get out of your slump – sends a message of lack of confidence
  • Practice positive self-talk, strong language patterns


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