Top Apartment Industry Experts to Speak at the Multifamily Leadership Summit

Top Apartment Industry Experts to Speak at the Multifamily Leadership Summit

The Multifamily Leadership Summit has invited top Multifamily Influencers to speak at its annual Leadership Summit coming to Scottsdale, Arizona December 6-8, 2016.

There are many conferences centered on strategies to acquire new residents and drive financial results for owners through transactional operating activities and marketing, but at the Multifamily Leadership Summit, attendees will learn from top influencers about how to achieve all of that through people.

Join the Multifamily Industry’s Leading Experts:

Patrick Morin is an experienced CEO, strategist, and recognized thought leader on building high-performance organizations, especially those that want to be more sales and marketing driven. Patrick is a 15-year consulting principal and 2-time turnaround CEO. He’s a top-ranked executive trainer, speaker, and business columnist, experienced officer of a NYSE-traded company and private equity partner. Patrick is an Investment Banker with Transact Capital and specializes in middle-market companies with enterprise values of $5MM – $100MM.

Catherine Swaback oversees Alliance’s national marketing strategy, with a heavy focus in lease-up initiatives and planning. She leads the regional marketing strategists in providing expert-level assessment and tactical direction to their designated portfolios to increase occupancy and revenue, and drives marketing initiative roll-outs, training and adoption company-wide. Catherine’s background encompasses extensive multifamily and advertising agency experience.

Amy Smith currently serves as Vice Chair of the Arizona Multihousing Association (AMA) Board of Directors and Chair of the Tributes Committee. She also serves the National Apartment Association (NAA) as the Regional Vice President for Region 7. With 25 years of experience in the multifamily industry, Amy has learned to create a company culture based on trust, engagement and character. Her background encompasses all facets of management including strategic planning, leadership development, financial accountability, and property operations. She is passionate about facilitating others’ journeys in reaching their full potential as leaders.

Beth Tuttle strategically plans and executes Marketing and Branding for Lennar Multifamily Living at the corporate and site level. She is responsible for the LMC rebranding efforts as well as supporting pre-development, marketing and promotion, and developing leasing programs for a national portfolio of new construction projects.

Sheri Killingsworth is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications where her responsibilities encompass all facets of marketing and communications for the company’s conventional division, corporate branding management, employee engagement and retention, supplier partnerships and client services. Her specialties include brand identity, search marketing, reputation management, and leasing and marketing systems and processes.

Additional show highlights include:

  • Special Sessions – The Multifamily Leadership Summit opens with high-level, forward-looking sessions designed to deliver leadership strategies to attract next generation renters, through inspiring next generation leaders. As CEOs and executive teams create culture and innovation around the resident experience, employee engagement is seen as a key driver to meet multiple challenges. There are bottom-line results to investing in engaging employees.  The highly engaged employee will invest extra effort to create great resident experiences and support the mission and vision of Multifamily Operators. Attend the Multifamily Leadership Summit and learn from top Multifamily Influencers and their real world experience in developing and maintaining an engaged workforce.
  • Best Places to Work Multifamily – Many of the event attendees include top management companies from 42 states and D.C. who are focused on increasing the value of their company, property, or portfolio with engaged teams.  The Multifamily Leadership Summit will explore the most important data in Multifamily. We review the national Best Places to Work Benchmark data and reveal what best employers are offering, how they are attracting next generation leaders, and how to build great places to work.
  • The Multifamily Mastermind — We collect the top minds together to help small and large multifamily operators discover valuable leadership practices designed to create great resident experiences and strong financial results while understanding the next generation workforce. Summit attendees walk away with actionable steps that drive financial performance, productivity, and effectiveness with Multifamily teams.

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About the Multifamily Leadership Summit

The Multifamily Leadership Summit is a premier event which takes place December 6th – 8th at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch  in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The Multifamily Leadership Summit is the only conference that helps Apartment Professionals prepare Multifamily Leaders for the Future of Work, attract new leaders to the apartment industry, help multifamily operators get better with people, and recognize the Best Places to Work in Multifamily.

You should register to attend if:
You are a Leader of small or large teams, an Aspiring Leader, Asset Manager, Property Owner, CEO, COO, CMO, Talent Management Professional, Regional Manager, Vice President, Hiring Manager, Training & Marketing Professional, Brand Manager, and, or Marketing Teams. The event will provide you the opportunity to come together with visionaries from top management companies from 42 States and D.C. who are focused on increasing the value of their company, property, and portfolio with engaged teams.