Meet the Sponsors – Chadwell Supply Co.

Meet the Sponsors – Chadwell Supply Co.

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Chadwell Supply has been an MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) source of maintenance supplies, flooring, and training in the Multifamily industry for nearly 40 years. Their customer service, special order, account management, and renovation specialists are able to provide industry-specific expertise and specialized solutions throughout the Southeast region. Chadwell Supply has grown to 19 branches serving customers across the nation. 

In this episode, we covered:

  • “Chad Supply” was an MRO company started in the 70’s by a group of brothers in Tampa, Florida. They then sold their company to a larger corporation, and fifteen years later the brothers founded “Chadwell Supply,” expanding it into a large, nationwide business. Today, they are still actively involved in the daily operations of the company.
  • Rebecca Wagner entered the Chadwell scene six years ago after working in the multifamily industry since the 1990s. Although she didn’t know much about maintenance when she started, Chadwell has worked with her and educated her through the process. She has had numerous positions in the company, including assistant manager, property manager, and currently director of national sales.
  • Along with selling maintenance supplies, they also provide onsite training and a renovations team for management and maintenance teams. In addition to association events, they also offer training through online courses.
  • According to Rebecca, many multifamily sites are facing employment shortages and everyone who is ready to learn maintenance is employed, which is wonderful, but they frequently lack the expertise required for a maintenance position. Chadwell is able to assist them by offering instruction and training. 
  • Since the beginning of COVID, Chadwell has experienced an inventory deficit. Even their manufacturing partners have fallen behind, but through client communication, they have been able to avoid making false promises and have collectively overcome the hurdles that come with these shortages.
  • Rebecca has attended the Multifamily Women® Summit every year since it started, and she is excited to bring along five coworkers this year. Rebecca says the summit is more than a chance for networking; attendees should expect to go away inspired and knowledgeable about potential problems in the industry.

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Connect with Rebecca Wagner, Director of National Accounts at Chadwell Supply.