Multifamily Leadership Announces Launch of Multifamily Innovation® Awards

January 24, 2023 – Scottsdale, Arizona – Multifamily Leadership launches the Multifamily Innovation® Awards, a national industry awards program recognizing excellence in technology and innovation in the Multifamily apartment industry. The awards will be presented at the annual Multifamily Innovation® Summit, which also recognizes the Best Places to Work Multifamily® companies.

Multifamily Innovation® Awards Now Open for Nominations

Multifamily Leadership is entering their ninth year as producers of executive level Multifamily events for the apartment industry and, through their national research of multifamily companies, has realized the significant changes occurring in the industry with ever-evolving roles based on technology and innovation and the impact it has on the Multifamily business. 

“The Multifamily Innovation® Awards is not just an award ceremony, it’s a celebration of the game-changers in the multifamily industry. These awards will recognize the most innovative minds in Multifamily who are pushing the boundaries and redefining what is possible. This is not just an event, this is a movement that will drive progress and shape the future of Multifamily,” said Patrick Antrim, Founder and CEO of Multifamily Leadership and Chairman of the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council. “We look forward to honoring the leaders and trailblazers in this space and showcasing their achievements at our annual Multifamily Innovation® Summit.”

The first Multifamily Innovation® Award was presented at the 2022 Multifamily Innovation® Summit to Kerry W. Kirby, Founder & CEO of 365 Connect, in the category of Multifamily Innovation® Bootstrapper Award.

Kerry W. Kirby stated, “What an honor to receive this highly prestigious inaugural award from an organization that truly focuses on innovation in our industry. With over 43 million Americans calling a rental apartment their home, we have remained focused on reimagining workflows that will better serve renters and eliminate redundant tasks, while not being distracted by outside funding. I am proud to be an integral part of our industry and humbled to be recognized by my industry peers.”

Award categories for the Multifamily Innovation® Awards include:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Chief Financial Officer Award
  • Chief Innovation Officer Award
  • Chief Technology Officer Award
  • Community Impact Award
  • Maintenance Operations Award
  • Development Award
  • Human Resources
  • Executive of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Multifamily Innovation® Renovation and Rehabilitation Award
  • Property Design Award
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Sustainability Award
  • Tech Innovator of the Year
  • Technical Professional of the Year
  • Technical Support Strategy and Implementation
  • Bootstrapper Award
  • Emerging Technology Award
  • Venture-Backed Award

Nominations for the Multifamily Innovation® Awards are now open. Winners will be announced at the annual in person Multifamily Innovation® Summit, to be held on December 5-6, in Phoenix, Arizona.

For more information about the Multifamily Innovation® Awards and to submit a nomination, visit

About Multifamily Leadership: 

Multifamily Leadership is a premier industry executive level event producer with notable, thought-provoking speakers, informal peer-to-peer discussions, and unparalleled educational content. Their events and content focus on Multifamily Innovation, Technology, Leadership and Investments. They have a Multifamily podcast network with an event center and studios in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their Multifamily Innovation® Advisory council is dedicated to driving innovation in the industry and uses a proprietary framework to identify pain points and explore solutions. Members have access to weekly meetings, a private community, and an annual in-person summit, as well as the opportunity to share insights and learn about best practices from a diverse group of successful multifamily owners and operators. Multifamily Innovation® council membership is open to those who own or manage multifamily apartments with 1,500+ units under management. It’s not just about technology. It’s about the processes, leadership, and innovation required to make the business better.