Redefining Leasing: Conversations with LeaseHawk’s Sarah Saglam on AI and Multifamily Solutions

Redefining Leasing: Conversations with LeaseHawk’s Sarah Saglam on AI and Multifamily Solutions

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At LeaseHawk, their focus is to bring emerging technologies to the multifamily industry. Multifamily leasing professionals can personally engage with prospects on a whole new level from not just their desktop, but from any mobile device thanks to the multi-channel platform, which incorporates phone, email, text, and speech recognition into a mobile application. LeaseHawk is responsible for tracking and monitoring millions of dollars in leasing opportunities every year by processing over 13 million calls and identifying over 2.7 million prospects annually.

In this episode, we covered:

  • Sarah Saglam, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at LeaseHawk, takes us inside ACE, a conversational leasing assistant AI that can answer more than 130 of the most frequent questions posed by potential residents via text and voice chat.
  • The fact that 73% of prospective residents expect a callback within 24 hours, 87% of callers leave a voicemail, and more than half of prospective residents won’t call back if their call is missed are significant statistics, and Sarah talks about how ACE may help retain potential residents.
  • Leasehawk’s attention is not just on how to enhance the property, but also on how they can assist prospects and clients by offering solutions. In addition to assisting lease experts in automating time-consuming administrative tasks, ACE’s new technology also aids in data analysis, reduces labor shortages, and enhances work-life balance for employees.
  • Sarah is a longtime friend of Multifamily Leadership and a sponsor at this year’s Multifamily Women® Summit.  She highlights the importance of #FindYourCrew and expresses her excitement for all of the meaningful connections she will make at the summit, as well as for both discovering and providing mentorship to others.

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