Redefining Rent: How CredHub is Changing the Multifamily Credit Landscape

Redefining Rent: How CredHub is Changing the Multifamily Credit Landscape

In this episode of the Multifamily Women® Podcast, host Carrie Antrim interviews Michelle Flandreau, Chief Revenue Officer at CredHub. Michelle shares her insights and experiences in the multifamily industry, drawing from her background in sales, marketing, business development, and user experience. With a career that spans both Fortune 500 companies and startups, Michelle discusses building brands and creating scalable growth. Don’t miss this informative conversation about how CredHub is redefining rent within the Multifamily Industry.

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The episode delves into the significance of CredHub’s mission: to bridge the often separate worlds of rent payment and credit reporting. Carrie and Michelle explore why it’s crucial for renters to have their payment status reported to credit bureaus. They shed light on some unexpected benefits that both businesses and residents reap through CredHub’s innovative solution. Michelle also speaks candidly about the challenges in credit reporting and how CredHub navigates educating multifamily property managers and owners about this need-to-have service.

As they continue their conversation, Michelle’s multi-faceted role at CredHub emerges, overseeing various departments. How does she maintain synergy across sales, marketing, business development, and user experience? It’s a balancing act that she has mastered. The world of credit scoring is evolving, and Carrie seeks Michelle’s insights into its future trajectory, especially with platforms like CredHub shaking things up.

Michelle offers a glimpse into the near future of CredHub. What innovations and features can users look forward to? Tune in to find out!

[00:03:06] Shaping approach at CredHub.
[00:05:22] CredHub and rental payment reporting.
[00:06:55] Zero credit score impact.
[00:10:26] Impact of credit score improvement in multifamily.
[00:12:01] Synergy across departments.
[00:16:03] The future of credit reporting.
[00:19:26] Challenges in the multifamily industry.
[00:22:01] New product offerings and research.
[00:24:07] Property management program.
[00:28:00] Facilitating networking intentionally.

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