Tackling the Looming Apartment Affordability Problem

Tackling the Looming Apartment Affordability Problem

Danny Court is a Partner and Senior Economist at Elliott D. Pollack & Company. His analytical and data-focused mind helps him present data and forecasts in reliable and easy to understand ways. He also has experience creating and utilizing the proforma models used to make real estate purchases.

Elliott D. Pollack & Company offers real estate and economic forecasting services. They base their forecasts and analysis off of national data and strive to make it transparent. 

In This Episode

Patrick and Danny discuss the following:

  • A LOT of facts and data about the current real estate market, where it is, and what the economists are predicting for the future
  • What the lowest vacancy rates of apartments and homes means for the real estate market
  • How the absorption of the oversupply in real estate from 2008 is causing problems today
  • What it means to have the most units under construction since the 1970s when there is an undersupply in the real estate market
  • The problems brought up by the decrease in affordability and what we can do about them
  • What it will take to get out of the low housing supply in the coming years
  • Exactly what the increase in rent has been, and what the experts predict it will continue to be in the next 5 years
  • Why this isn’t a real estate bubble and what that means for investors