The Future of Multifamily: An Insider’s View with RealPage Industry Principals

The Future of Multifamily: An Insider’s View with RealPage Industry Principals

As part of our Multifamily Women® Summit, we share time with innovative brands as part of our “Meet the Sponsors” series that showcases those brands that are supporting the platform to advance technology, innovation, leadership, and investments.

On today’s episode, host Carrie Antrim talked with Krista Hurley and Talisa Dever who are both seasoned Industry Principals at RealPage. When it comes to leveraging technology to drive efficiencies and increase ROI, these women are the go-to authority. They have been instrumental in shaping innovative strategies that have not just disrupted but transformed the way we think about property management and resident engagement.

Krista and Talisa discuss how, according to a recent survey, two-thirds of multifamily renters are satisfied with their current housing situation because it provides them with financial freedom. This indicates that a majority of renters who choose to live in apartments are content with their decision to rent rather than buy a property. Renting offers these individuals the flexibility to allocate their money towards other expenses or investments, giving them more control over their finances.

These insights are invaluable for RealPage as they delve into the minds of their customers and gain a deeper understanding of the industry’s direction. By combining multifamily market intelligence with a customer-centric approach and addressing pain points, RealPage can identify areas where technology can bridge gaps and assist its customers.

RealPage places great emphasis on excellence, character, ownership, and teamwork as their core values and guiding principles. These four values serve as the foundation of the company’s identity. These values have evolved over time and continue to be the fundamental principles that RealPage strives to uphold. They not only guide the company internally but also shape their interactions with clients and their engagement in the industry. These values are the most crucial aspect of RealPage’s culture.

[00:01:32] RealPage’s commitment to innovation.
[00:04:17] Renting as an investment.
[00:07:22] The launch of DemandX platform.
[00:11:24] Using technology as a support tool.
[00:15:43] Supporting the Multifamily Women® Summit.
[00:18:01] Female leadership across industries.

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