Tom Shelton Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | MASTERMIND

Tom Shelton Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | MASTERMIND

Tom Shelton, Principal at Shelton-Cook Real Estate Services, shares his expertise and insights regarding what it takes to build a great culture of success for Multifamily Operators. He brings more than 35 years of experience with various organizations and shares what he has learned, experience, and personally observed throughout those years.


QUESTION 1: What are some challenges and fears that you’ve faced and been able to overcome?

  1. Transferring experience
    1. Transition from large organization and implementing procedures into a smaller organization
    2. Difference between listening and hearing
  2. Solutions
    1. Make sure you understand the feedback
    2. Respond accordingly

QUESTION 2: What is one great achievement or career milestone that you’ve experienced and do you have any pointers?

  1. Developing Relationships
    1. Nationwide
    2. Across business lines
    3. Great industry for sharing experiences
  2. Mentorship
    1. Helping leaders grow and promote
    2. Watch people develop careers
  3. Growth Opportunities
    1. Great career paths available
    2. Rewarding

QUESTION 3: Are leaders born or can they be trained and groomed to become good leaders?

  1. Born / Trained Leadership
    1. There are people born with leadership potential and characteristics
    2. To truly develop into a leader, they need to be trained and groomed
  2. Manager v Leader
    1. Many people excellent at following directions
    2. Leaders are the ones that make the list of directions to be followed
    3. Leaders set the culture, environment

QUESTION 4: Other comments regarding training?

  1. In-Person Interaction
    1. Between trainer and field staff is very important
    2. Extra money set up in budget for personalized training

QUESTION 5: What is one tip you can give to others that is unique to yourself – a “success tip”?

  1. Be a decision maker
    1. Make a decision and make it quick
    2. Do not waste time


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