Catherine Swaback Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | MASTERMIND

Catherine Swaback Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | MASTERMIND

Catherine Swaback, Director of Marketing Strategy at Alliance Residential Company, shares her personal experience in the Multifamily Industry regarding various issues within the industry today.


QUESTION 1: What are some challenges and fears that you’ve faced and been able to overcome?

  1. Challenges and Fears
    1. Started in advertising
    2. Failing at something new
  2. Solutions
    1. Immersion in multifamily
    2. Understand vernacular, key players, and key processes
    3. Learn the operations side of the business
    4. Served in various roles within company
    5. Grow within the organization
  3. Achievements
    1. Marketing team growth as a result of the growth of the portfolio
    2. Overhaul, reorganization
    3. Digital visibility
    4. Creation of a strategy sub-department within Marketing team

QUESTION 2: What are the challenges you’ve faced in keeping up with trends in Multifamily?

  1. In-house ad and digital agency
    1. Creating one consistent message and sending that out
    2. Industry veterans mixed with new agency talent
    3. Look outside of Multifamily for inspiration and innovation
  2. Remain agile
    1. Monitor, stay consistent, stay ahead of competitors

QUESTION 3: Are you seeing more programs to develop new leadership to enter into the Multifamily Industry?

  1. Get the word out there
    1. Internship programs
    2. Multitunity – going into college campuses and surrounding areas to look for young, professional talent
    3. Look past local networks to reach possible talent
    4. “This is my office” campaign – showcases great careers

QUESTION 4: What is one tip you can give to others that is unique to yourself – a “success tip”?

  1. Work-Life Balance
    1. Shut your brain off
    2. To-do list can grow rapidly so take time to step away from that list


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