Jana Frazier Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | PANEL DISCUSSION

Jana Frazier Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | PANEL DISCUSSION

Jana Frazier, Director of Recruiting at IMT Residential, shares her expertise and insights regarding what it takes to build a great culture of success for Multifamily Operators. She brings great Human Resources insight into how IMT Residential keeps it a “people-focused” business.


QUESTION 1: What was the process IMT took to develop your brand and who was involved in that process?

  1. First Recruiting Director
    1. Recruiting was decentralized, no focus on employer brand
    2. Marketing department was very developed and had a wonderful company brand
  2. Understand Company Brand
    1. Communicate that message
    2. Collaborate with Marketing Team to make consistent message
  3. From Communication to Drive
    1. Rolling out a culture program
    2. Operations leaders very involved
    3. Evolved from regional leaders needing more connection with the IMT Culture
    4. Partnership between recruiting, marketing, operations, and executive level

QUESTION 2: What is your approach to online employee reviews and employer reputation?

  1. Online Review Process to be Embraced
    1. Appreciate the feedback, it’s here to stay
    2. Glassdoor.com increasing in popularity
    3. Having an account with Glassdoor allows for interactivity and manageability
    4. Respond to every single review, nothing canned, show that you listen and acknowledge, tailor response to that person, invite to reach out and continue the conversation when applicable
    5. Share pertinent reviews with leadership, use as a learning tool
    6. Indeed.com also has employer reviews

QUESTION 3: How did IMT develop the relationship with Human Resources and Marketing effectively?

  1. Relatively new relationship
    1. Marketing can take recruiting plan to next level
    2. Collaborate with Marketing Director
    3. Communicate vision as extension of what Marketing team has in place
  2. Flexibility
    1. Understanding and communicating time-frames and deadlines
    2. Communicate to others within the company what Marketing is doing for Recruiting
    3. Executives see how teams are working together to achieve higher level

QUESTION 4: Are there other departments within your company that are involved with promoting the brand?

  1. Internally
    1. Training team very involved
    2. Relationship, communication among teams
    3. Cross-promotion among organization
  2. Regional Operations Leaders
    1. They are the bridge between Corporate and Site Level associates
    2. Must have understanding of both areas
    3. Need resources to keep associates engaged


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