Jennifer Staciokas Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | MASTERMIND

Jennifer Staciokas Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | MASTERMIND

Jennifer Staciokas, Vice President of Training and Development at Pinnacle, shares her expertise and insights regarding top issues in today’s Multifamily Industry.


QUESTION 1: What are some challenges and fears that you’ve faced and been able to overcome?

  1. Additional Responsibility
    1. Internal Voice of support
    2. Constantly learn, read, be inquisitive
  2. Asking Questions
    1. People afraid that it signals that they don’t know something
    2. Better to ask than struggle

QUESTION 2: What is one great achievement or career milestone that you’ve experienced and do you have any pointers? What was a risk that you took that paid off?

  1. Team Support
    1. Being a great leader
    2. Create a team that is diverse
    3. Find people that think differently
    4. Growth
  2. Leaving Current Organization
    1. Do something from scratch
    2. Build 3 departments
    3. Put platform and people in place

QUESTION 3: How do you create a company-wide culture with such large organizations? Is it technology?

  1. Technology Training
    1. Not necessarily effective when delivered online
    2. In-person training is crucial
    3. Get people into the classroom within 1-2 weeks of onboarding
    4. Everyone in the organization needs to pitch in
    5. Mentors, field trainers
    6. Follow-up with regional and corporate office
  2. Blended Approach
    1. In-person and online
    2. Some things do not require in-person
    3. Build database of videos
    4. Learning Management Systems

QUESTION 4: How do you get people on board when they’ve already objected to an idea and what do you learn to do differently in your process?

  1. Don’t Take No for an Answer
    1. Go back and repackage ideas
    2. What is in it for them?
    3. Ask for another opportunity
  2. Idea Source
    1. Make other people think it’s their idea
  3. Adjusting Idea
    1. Do not adjust the idea if you’re passionate about it
    2. Repackage it to make it better for others to understand
    3. Use your credibility
    4. Listen to feedback

QUESTION 5: How do you find new talent and leadership to enter into the Multifamily Industry?

  1. NAA
    1. Apartment Careers Committee
    2. Website, videos, encouraging high schools and universities
  2. Companies
    1. Utilize resources to attract talent

QUESTION 6: What is one tip you can give to others that is unique to yourself – a “success tip”?

  1. Preparation
  2. Confidence comes from being prepared


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