Jennifer Staciokas Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | PANEL DISCUSSION

Jennifer Staciokas Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | PANEL DISCUSSION

Jennifer Staciokas, Vice President of Training and Development at Pinnacle, shares her expertise and insights regarding inspiring financial results with valuable leadership practices designed to create great residence experiences and understanding the next generation workforce.


QUESTION 1: What are some success stories that demonstrate how leadership practices impact financial results within your organization?

  1. The Year of the Customer
    1. Internal Mantra
    2. Carla Harris – 3 adjectives that describe you when you’re not present
    3. Be Kind, Do the Right Thing, Be Humble
  2. Recapitalization
    1. New ownership
    2. You have authority to run your business unit upon budget approval
    3. Support from executive team

QUESTION 2: How can culture help to drive financial results and productivity?

  1. 100% Fee Managed
    1. Culture Shift
    2. What makes you different?
    3. Pinnacle’s people and culture
    4. The Heart of Service – Giving back to the community
  2. Interview Process
    1. 75% of new hires are millennials
    2. They want to know what the culture is like
    3. Will their voice be heard? Growth opportunities? Give back?

QUESTION 3: How does communication impact effectiveness within your organization?

  1. Communication within a large organization
    1. Quarterly newsletters
    2. Video messaging
    3. Learning Management System
    4. All-Hands Calls, recorded
  2. Annual Report
    1. Internal strategy focused on culture
    2. Giving back to communities and team members
  3. Working Remotely
    1. Distributed workforce across the country
    2. Empowered to hire the best talent in the best location
    3. Everyone can connect digitally

QUESTION 4: How does your organization approach employee engagement and employee retention?

  1. Constant Feedback
    1. Younger employees do not want annual performance reviews
    2. Continual feedback – as something happens, a conversation takes place
  2. Community Service Involvement
    1. Corporate employees given a day off to volunteer with a charity of their choice
  3. Thoughtful Presentations
    1. Not a one-size-fits-all
    2. Individualize gifts, presentations, recognition, etc.

QUESTION 5: How do you keep your associates motivated and growing?

  1. Mentorship
    1. What kind of access will employees receive?
    2. Who will mentor the professional relationship?
  2. Emerging Leaders Program
    1. Regional Managers and department heads enrolled in year-long program with access to executives
    2. Assigned a company mentor
    3. Monthly calls, quarterly visits
  3. Invest in People
    1. Dale Carnegie training
    2. Same instructor teaching all employees
    3. Message consistency

QUESTION 6: How do you effectively execute a plan and why is it important?

  1. Execution and Implementation
    1. Annual business plans for top 20 clients
    2. Follow-up monthly executive calls

QUESTION 7: How do you maintain credibility as an organization?

  1. Trust
    1. Time
    2. Effort
    3. Patience
  2. Personal Brand
    1. Utmost importance
    2. People are watching and observing

QUESTION 8: Regarding annual review, is it mandatory? How do you ensure that the site manager is actively and frequently engaging on a daily basis?

  1. Not mandatory, but built into the culture
    1. Immediate feedback
  2. Regional Manager visits properties frequently


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