Taking Action Outside Your Comfort Zone in Multifamily

Taking Action Outside Your Comfort Zone in Multifamily

In this episode of the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast, host Patrick Antrim delves into the power of stepping outside our comfort zones in order to spark innovation and success within the multifamily industry.

Show Notes:

Introduction: Patrick emphasizes the importance of taking action outside our comfort zones in order to foster innovation within multifamily organizations.

Challenges: Often, individuals may feel reluctant to take risks and try new things within their organizations, especially when their past experiences resulted in failure.

Multifamily Innovation® Summit: Patrick highlights the annual event, which brings together individuals making rent more valuable for customers, and showcases the Multifamily Innovation® Awards, including categories such as Best Places to Work and Bootstrapper Award.

Multifamily Innovation® Council: A platform for high-level networking among multifamily operators with 1500 or more units, providing a feedback loop and shaping the priorities and interests within the industry.

Importance of innovation: Patrick shares a personal story of investing in media and video equipment before the COVID-19 pandemic, which helped his business pivot and stay ahead of the curve during difficult times.

Learning from past decisions: Reflecting on decisions that were made by stepping outside comfort zones and recognizing that these actions have the potential to lead to significant growth.

Taking action: Encouragement to consider decisions that have been put off due to discomfort, and managing potential worst-case scenarios in order to grow in personal and professional lives.

Getting involved: Listeners are encouraged to follow the Multifamily Leadership brand, attend events, and get involved in industry discussions.

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