Apartment Industry Sending the Message that Talent is their last Real Competitive Advantage

Multifamily operators understand that talent is their last real competitive advantage. The Multifamily Leadership Summit has announced the alpha list for the Best Places to Work Multifamily® Program. List makers will find out how they rank at the upcoming leadership summit being held Nov. 15-17, 2017 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Multifamily Leadership research is the most impactful program for employee engagement and organizational culture in the apartment industry today.

The multifamily industry, through the Best Places to Work Multifamily™ program, has proven that people are an organization’s most important asset. The Best Places to Work Multifamily™ program demonstrates the apartment industry’s commitment to their people based on the program growth in the last four years. Year over year, the program continues to grow and is rapidly gaining momentum as more and more companies recognize the importance of this data. Multifamily Leadership has historically tracked payroll, benefits, and other key indicators of business success, but now the multifamily industry recognizes the importance of this powerful employee engagement data to improve business and manage the apartment of the future.

Multifamily Leadership will bring together top multifamily executive to re-envision the future of the leasing experience and position companies to manage the apartment of the future. The summit will also celebrate top companies with the only employer recognition program of its kind – The Best Places to Work in Multifamily™. Organizations named to the Best Places to Work in Multifamily™ list see a tremendous impact on all marketing they conduct. They use the distinction to enhance their employee recruiting efforts, increase the effectiveness of the organization’s marketing to reach residents, and improve their reputation within the community, state, and industry.

Companies have been measuring resident satisfaction for years and the leading indicator for organizational success is the link between employee engagement and the resident experience.


The Multifamily Leadership Summit will host the “best of the best” in Leadership to charter the future of Multifamily. Together, Multifamily is building a robust, sustainable leadership summit created around long-term vision and innovation. Multifamily Executives and fresh thought leaders will gather Nov. 15th-17th, 2017 in the sunny resort destination of Scottsdale, Arizona for the annual Multifamily Leadership Summit. The Summit, like no other event offered in Multifamily, allows the highest level Multifamily Leaders to come together with their peers and design the future of Multifamily. Leaders travel with their families and enjoy all the benefits of the resort destination to hike, golf, wine taste, and explore more than 165 local restaurants surrounding the expertly chosen location.

If you want to know if it’s a great place to work, you ask the people who work there. Patrick Antrim, Founder and CEO of Multifamily Leadership says, “Employee engagement is actually a much more powerful indicator of organizational success than the size of the company, as employee engagement is tied to behavior and higher performance.”

Antrim further states, “Companies have been measuring resident satisfaction for years and the leading indicator for organizational success is the link between employee engagement and the resident experience. Employees are presented with hundreds of opportunities each day to be their best, but it’s the behavior that drives a successful organization, not satisfaction or size.”

Leaders looking to drive their teams forward are encouraged to register to attend regardless if they are participating in the Best Places to Work Multifamily™ Program. At the summit, benchmark data compiling research specific to the Multifamily Industry from organizations reaching across 50 states and D.C will be revealed. Multifamily leaders looking to fast-track their success will leverage what best-in-class organizations are doing to create great resident experiences and strong financial results through the engagement of their employees.

And the 2018 Best Places to Work Multifamily™, arranged alphabetically, are:

Alco Management
Alliance Residential
Apartment Dynamics
Avenue5 Residential
Benson Integrated Marketing Solutions
Berger Rental Communities
Blue Ridge Companies
Cardinal Group Management
Carroll Management Group
Carter-Haston Real Estate Holdings
Continental Properties
CWS Apartment Homes
Drucker & Falk
Fogelman Management Group
Gables Residential
IMT Residential
JVM Realty
Pollack Shores Real Estate Group and Matrix Residential
Q10 Property Advisors
RealSource Management
S2 Residential
The Management Group
The REMM Group

For more information about the Best Places to Work in Multifamily™ program and the Multifamily Leadership Summit, go to www.MultifamilyLeadership.com.

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