Chris Ryan-Lawrence Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | MASTERMIND

Chris Ryan-Lawrence Multifamily Leadership Summit Speaker | MASTERMIND

Chris is a Founder, Principal and CEO of ARK Leadership, LLC and is a proven entrepreneurial leader with more than twenty four years of business building leadership experience. He was a founding partner and principal who launched Pegasus Residential based in Atlanta, Georgia, which subsequently grew into a multimillion dollar company, operating in ten states, in five years. After selling his interest, he subsequent launched ARK Leadership LLC, a business building company made up of uniquely multitalented entrepreneurs driven to improve all facets of business performance under the ARK umbrella.


QUESTION 1: What is one of the biggest challenges and fears that you’ve faced and been able to overcome?

  1. Developing Leadership Skills
    1. Training – Finding the skills to teach someone not only how to understand the task, but also to know how to do the task
    2. Being a great leader is a learning process
  2. Outside Businesses
    1. Challenge remains outside of property management industry

QUESTION 2: What is one great achievement or career milestone that you’ve experienced and do you have any pointers?

  1. Standing Up After Failure
    1. Learning from mistakes
    2. Acknowledge the mistake
    3. Do not repeat the mistake
  2. Owning Properties
    1. Knowing too much regarding the process
    2. Work through people to get tasks accomplished

QUESTION 3: How do you balance the pressure of motivating people while still holding them accountable?

  1. Pressure
    1. Pressure will be there no matter what
    2. Run in that lane
    3. Help educate team members on expectations
  2. Motivation
    1. “Everyday is an interview”
    2. Treat each day as a new day to make an impact and forward your career
  3. Accountability
    1. “You’re only as good as your last financials”
    2. Motivate through teams to reach results

QUESTION 4: How do you get people on board when they’ve already objected to an idea and what do you learn to do differently in your process?

  1. Specific Choices
    1. Do not give too many options
    2. Ask questions in advance
    3. Continually receive feedback
    4. Narrow down to 2 options and run with it
    5. Maintain open lines of communication in order to adjust and implement on the fly

QUESTION 5: What is one tip you can give to others that is unique to yourself – a “success tip”?

  1. Superman!
    1. Every morning, stand in the Superman pose
    2. Increases motivation, confidence, drive


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